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Le Touquet-Paris-Plage – Northern France

Wanting a Northern France destination to visit this summer? Updated post from our time in Northern France.

Life of adventure

One birthday, a walk in the park

“Aging is not ‘lost youth,’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength. It’s a different stage of life, and if you are going to pretend it’s youth, you are going to miss it. ”~ Betty Friedan

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One Couple, One Globe, No Regrets

Yes, who would have thought we would become Global Housesitters? We were homebodies, who are quite content in our own company in our personal space, in either our home with wheels or the one without. Travelling around our beautiful country of origin, New Zealand. Then we discovered we love exploring and going overseas even more. We… Continue reading One Couple, One Globe, No Regrets

Food at the heart of a culture

Let me count the ways

Why it's such a pleasure to come back to France? Is it the musical tones of the language, the cheese [heavenly], cafe culture, the pâtisseries [devine], the high-quality meat/fish products, the olives, the wine, the beer,  friendly locals, wonderful housesits, abundant food markets,  the history, the culture, the architecture, the lack of tourists, the countryside walks? Absolutely! Food from the local… Continue reading Let me count the ways

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Where the blardy hell are you?

Here we are, in the region of Hauts-de-France.  To break that down even further, we are staying in a small commune just out of Fruges, in the department of Pas-e-Calais. Today, being the 6th January is precisely one week since we hopped off the train at Calais and arrived at our next French housesit.  Our first weekend was filled… Continue reading Where the blardy hell are you?