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One Couple, One Globe, No Regrets

Yes, who would have thought we would become Global Housesitters?

We were homebodies, who are quite content in our own company in our personal space, in either our home with wheels or the one without. Travelling around our beautiful country of origin, New Zealand.

Then we discovered we love exploring and going overseas even more.

We had experience housesitting for friends and family.

Why not for other people around the world?  Why not indeed.

The Beginning

This began our housesitting journey, which started back in 2015 we had just arrived home from spending 3 months travelling around Europe and the UK.  We wanted to go back and base ourselves there.  Slow travelling suits us as the squire has a back disability and days just resting are needed.  We have always enjoyed slow travelling and entirely recommend even if you don’t have a limitation of any sort!  More information on the Slow movement

Housesitting is perfect for anyone interested in long-term travel or even short term.  We live rent-free in exchange for keeping someone’s home and pets safe, plus Housesitting allows us to have authentic travel experiences in ways that more traditional accommodation does not. It’s a win-win situation.  As the homeowners do not have the expense of having to put pets into the kennels, the animals are much happier in their own environment, and a big bonus is a security for their home.  Plus I love gardening, and the squire is excellent at making me cups of coffee afterwards!

What website do we use?  Trustedhousesitters.  We have found it excellent in every way.  Though to be fair, we have not used any other ones, which may or may not be just as good.

A few tips for any wannabe housesitters out there:

  • When you apply for a housesit, make sure to read that homeowner’s advert carefully and then address how your experience and skills match the needs and responsibilities for a housesit.
  • Showing them why you are a good fit for their needs is going to put you one giant leap ahead of the competition.
  • Get Personal, unlike job applications, house-sitting is exceptionally personal.   We have always relied on our gut instinct. Unfortunately, we didn’t listen to it on a couple we were accepted on.  Like all things in life, we have learnt from our mistakes.
  • Treat the home and pets with the utmost care, more than you would your own.
  • Have a budget, we have found that groceries in the Northern Hemisphere are much cheaper than in NZ.
  • Be yourself, be genuine. It is very competitive being a housesitter, and homeowners have numerous housesitters to chose from, so make sure you follow your gut instinct before applying.
  • Do more than what is expected, we enjoy giving back to small things like flowers in a vase, a cooked meal.  As we get so much enjoyment out of housesitting.
  • Remember you are there for the animals and security of the house, those things come first before going out and exploring.  This one thing many prospective housesitters forget.  It is NOT holiday accommodation, it is, in fact, a job, and a service we are providing. Even though we are not paid for doing this service.

For further reading: Do you have a housesit? A few tips!

 UPDATED July 2018: We are onto our 14th  33rd housesit, which has encompassed New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe.
UPDATED MAY 2019:  We are off to do our 38+ housesit in New Zealand.


Here’s to many more housesits in the coming years. ♥


One couple, one globe and no regrets

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Do you have a housesit? A few tips!

Want to be a housesitter?

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