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Searching for Orange


I have never acknowledged Friday 13th as a superstitious day, as I don’t believe in it for a start.


the unmentionable happened!  It was the day our internet went down for 2 days, and the search for Orange began.  You are correct I am not going to start spouting the virtues of having no internet when we are travellers.  There are none.  We were told this is a regular thing in France when it gets cold and there are storms about even if the storms aren’t noticeable in your area!  Things happen slowly in France, and if you accept this as a given life is much more comfortable and less stressful.

So what is Orange?  Orange happens to be the most used mobile/internet provider in France.  We have used them on previous occasions, infinitely better the devil you know than the one you are still to experience, came to mind when we hopped into the jeep to go and visit them.  A visit to Orange was not going to rectify the lack of internet at home base, it was to give us a sim card.  Yes, we should have done this earlier we just got too complacent, and we arrived here during the holiday season, and not much is opened at that time of the year, and just, well put it off for another day.  Though after chatting with some locals it would not have mattered that much as a mobile and the land-based internet was unavailable in the area.  The search just made us feel more proactive in our protest against the lack of internet.


Which has us driving to a slightly bigger village called Hesdin to the store called Orange only to find a cat in a window and no Orange store as it had closed down!


Now back to Fruges and no internet.

So, what happens in a village called Fruges with no internet.  Well, not much goes on in a community – literally NOTHING much unless you have cash. Thankfully we did.   The Aldi store beat its competitor  Carrefour as it had one checkout operator opened and served you if you had cash.

Unbelievably we did not register for a minute or two that we wouldn’t be able to get groceries when there isn’t any internet service. No chocolate and no internet NOW that is severely damaging to a girl’s mental health.  We tend to forget how much we rely on this standard service in everyday life.

One day without the internet saw us go to Fressin [will chat more about this lovely village at a later date] and visit Helen who is a friend of the couple whose pets/home we are house/pet sitting.  It was lovely to have a chat over a coffee and to check to see if we had any emails etc. that needed our attention. We headed back to home base to relax with a book, watch some movies and in the knowledge, that we will really appreciate the internet when it finally decides to enter our lives at home base again.

It did happen on the morning of Sunday 15 January 2017.

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4 thoughts on “Searching for Orange”

  1. Julie, it was supposed to make you laugh. Luckily the D.T.’s weren’t too severe. Yes, we found where the nearest shop is. It’s on our list of adventures 🙂 xx


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