Housesitting in France

Left or Right?

People who know us are aware that being late is not in our vocabulary or a habit we entertain.


The morning we have a date, well by ‘we’ I mean Louie and Nellie, with a La Patte dór [sounds more glamorous than dog groomer!] we get towards where we think the business will be and remember that we didn’t bring the address with us. If we go back for it, we will be late.  With a

“She’ll be right, mate!  It’s only 10kms down the road.”

How hard will it be to find a La Patte dór?  Well, not that easy as we found out.  Especially when you don’t have the address, miss a turning, traffic delays which meant queues at temporary traffic lights in the middle of the countryside, it seemed that morning every building removal company decided that Wednesday was a great morning to attend to their business.  Then we found out that the village is separated by the main thoroughfare.

By this time we were officially late.  

Ok, traffic jams are normal in the countryside aren’t they?  So really it still boils down to the fact we were late due to us forgetting the address.  With a toss of the coin “left or right” Right it is.  Luckily we came across a couple of locals and with much gesturing, we were told to go left, then right and right again.

That’s how we found the village centre and pampering place for dogs [blog about a French Dog Groomer].  Left our chargers in the capable hands of the groomers.  Then had a stroll around the village of Fauquemberques.  After all that energy spent getting here we needed a refuel and guess what?  You are right there was a Patisserie!   Of course, we had to go and see what was available would seem rude not to, and there were a couple of birthdays in NZ that we had to celebrate with some delectable morsel, and yes girls we did find some goodies.  Sorry, no food porn photographs.  I will leave that to your imaginations!

We have established that Fauquemberques has tempting food to boost our blood sugar level so what else is there?  On a superficial level, one could assume nothing.  Not so, it’s winter, and these small villages are taking time out until the warmth returns.  In the meantime, while our chargers are having some pampering time, we get to enjoy a cafe’and sweet treat and explore The Saint Léger, a 13th-century church. 


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