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A visit to Dublin

How appropriate that I write up our visit to Dublin on St Patricks Day.  It is also my sister’s birthday down in the land of the kangaroo.  It isn’t quite Friday in France, though, it is downunder so why not!

Let me take you back to July 2016.  We left Chester for Holyhead ferry terminal to Dublin which took approximately 2hrs.  A very uneventful trip, not too smooth and not too rough, just the right amount of movement to enjoy the journey without groping around for a sick bag!

We found a taxi to our Airbnb apartment with no problem and settled in quickly with a very friendly welcome from the owner.  Let me warn you, it is costly to stay in Dublin.  Yes, we did go in the high season, which I suppose if you did want to save a few euros then the high season is not recommended.  Our Airbnb in Ballsbridge was all that we required and very enjoyable to stay in such a grand house which had been renovated into apartments.  Close to public transport and St Stephens Park.

A very Irish breakfast at a very Irish named Cafe – classic!

A big day exploring requires such an extravagance with calories as in a big Irish breakfast.   Ballsbridge area

Every morning and at the end of the day, we had the pleasure of walking down a pathway which was alongside the canal with the colourful array of boats and the people who either worked or lived on them.

An iconic feature that grabbed our attention was the half circle ‘webbed’ windows that were above many doors that we viewed as made our way to the city centre.


What better way to personalise your home,  than with a slap or two of paint using a cheerful bright colour. This, of course, is not unique to Ireland, it can be seen in villages and cities all over Europe and the UK.  Lovely to see when walking in the rain!

Other notable places that caught our attention was, of course, a local pub.  Can’t be going to Dublin and not trying a pint of excellent Guinness alongside a good tasty pub lunch.

The squire sipping a long cold one or a reasonably coolish summer’s day.

We never have set plans to see such and such on certain days, we love to go wandering around and to see what we find.  We, always do find lots of things to see and do.  In our very organised life as housesitters, it is great not to be so during our time off. Some magnificent buildings were Christ Church Cathedral and the college that bordered St Stephens Park.

To top off a day is to wait for a night tour to see Dublin in an entirely different light.  This city came alive before our eyes.  From the old to the new part of the city.  Must admit the old part was far more attractive, with its arty shops [we loved visiting and brought a few things!], beautiful buildings it was interesting to wander around not knowing what was around the corner.

After a few days looking around the city, it was time to take a train out of town, of course, it had to be in a green train.


We were off to Killiney Beach and Dalkey.  Unfortunately, Bono was to miss a visit from us.  Though we did give a cheerful wave to an abode that looked like it could’ve been his and what a lovely neighbourhood.  We were impressed with this coastal area.  Dare I say it even more so than we were with Dublin city.

Well, me lovely,

you showed us a challenging week of weather,

my Gawd it was supposed to be summer.  

Though all is forgiven when we sat ourselves down to a lovely cold Guinness,

Cheers Dublin.

10 thoughts on “A visit to Dublin”

    1. Enjoy your time in Dublin. Hoping you have some Irish Luck with the weather 🙂 Though having said that weather has never stopped us exploring. We have invested in some all weather gear!

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  1. I remember the doors and the rain, when I was in Dublin almost 20 years ago, visiting a friend who was studying there. I like to just wander as well, when visiting a city for the first time. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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