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Bang! Bang! Bang!

No rain, NO WIND, No fog.

 Yes, to the sun and a run around the woods.

A few weeks ago it was a rather quiet subdued time due to Nellie [the dog] not being her usual perky self, so today Nellie and the weather were more cheery in their appearance.

Seemed like any other start to our walk, until we saw this sign.  The sign looked new.  Big question did it look important?  As expected it was all in French.  Could we be bothered to work it out, no we couldn’t as a forest path was beckoning us to carry on and we were long overdue for a walk!

 Along we went, a few cars and a van went past, as we headed into the bush to check out some trees.  Some men in camouflage gear told us to come out.  “NON, non, non” they repeated.  Okay, we got the message after the first non [meaning NO].  With three non’s it must be important that we obey his instructions.  Thinking that they must be going to do some wood chopping we carried on.  No, they were not, and we were wrong.

How did we come to this conclusion?  When we decided to head back to the jeep, we were startled by the terrible noise of gunfire echoing through the valley and forest.  Once we realised what was going on, we decided to stay put until we got the all clear.  Well organised with horns and all sorts to let others who knew what these meant to go onto the next stage of the hunting.  WE were now looking forward to reaching the jeep.

As we moved along the track after we got the all clear, we greeted and nodded to the group of hunters.  One of them decided to extend the greeting by chatting away in a hurried manner.  We had no idea what he was saying until we both started using hand gestures, and it was one hand gesture that made the penny drop.


The hunter demonstrated by pointing his finger and hand in the gun form to his neck and saying “bang”.  Yes, we got the hint, and walked off with major purpose to our walking!  Not that we were in danger, we were hungry and wanted some lunch/snack, so were Nellie and Louie.

The moral of the story is to read the signs.


Translation: The forest is also hunting  – hunting in progress – thank you for your understanding

As they may be of importance to your health and wellbeing. 


13 thoughts on “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    1. We weren’t frightened and we were out of harms way. As I have written previously it was a strange place to allow hunters. Plus the story was a little warning about signs in another language! Thanks for your concern and comment 🙂


  1. When we walk in a forest where hunting might occur, we are more worried about the dogs we are walking than ourselves, since they are much lower to the ground and could be mistaken for whatever they are hunting. Yep. Better to stay away from those areas. And, wise to carry a little French dictionary, I guess. 🙂

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    1. The point is Liesbet all the other times we have been in the forest no indication that the area is for hunting. The hunters knew we were there and we waited until they told us we could keep walking. NONE of us were in danger, told the story as it was such an unusual situation to be in. There should’ve been a notice at the car park. Plus other locals had very surprised looks on their face at the situation of seeing hunters there at that time of the morning.


    1. It could’ve been, though we did stay clear of where they were firing. Must admit it was a very strange place to hunt. So we weren’t in any danger unless one of them was a bad shooter than the other hunters were closer!

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    1. Me, and the squire plus the 2 dogs 🙂 As I have said before, we found it strange to be hunting in a public forest so close to a main road, town and other recreational walkers. The sign should have been put out at the carpark area. We know now 🙂

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