Housesitting, Housesitting in France

Our last HOORAY (Part 1)

It is a Sunday, a sunny one at that.

A day to say “Au Revoir”,  to some friends we have met

during our three-month housesit and dog walks.

No conversations in French as their owners do not live with them.

DonkeyFirstly let me introduce you to ‘D’, a very laid back dude who was always slow to arrive at our meeting point to say hello.  Don’t even bother to get an answer from him, if he is in the midst of eating!

Horsey mateIn the same paddock, a brother from a different mother is ‘H’, he, of course, was always wanting our attention whether we had food or not.  A jolly friendly chap that he is.

DucksThen there were the very flighty feathered friends who didn’t want to actually acknowledge us as much as we wanted to know them.  It was a relationship fraught with mixed emotions at the best of times as they were hardly ever at home!

The above are just some of our ‘French friends’ that we got to see on our many local wanderings around the neighbourhood.  Many were shy to stay more than a few seconds in our presence.  That could have been due to the large black companions we had by our side, not sure if it was that reason or not.  All we remember is a startled look on their faces as they scootered under a gate out of harm’s way.  Thank Gawd!.  So they were not really friends just passing acquaintances.

-Au Revoir-

6 thoughts on “Our last HOORAY (Part 1)”

    1. That is funny Josy. No, that’s why I named him ‘D’ for donkey 🙂 Though we could call him Harold I am sure he won’t mind what we call him as long as he isn’t called late for dinner!

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