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Our last HOORAY (Part 2)

We did it in style, 

with a trip to the seaside


making daisy chains.


Three of the awesome foursome walking team


The low tide went out at least 1/2 km if not more!

Friterie by the beach

The iconic French takeaway, when we returned it was surrounded by people, we were not one of them, too early and not at all hungry!


  • Venturing out with Nellie and Louie, check out my previous posts – Giants with green socks on, Run About Sunday and Down by the River.
  •  Wandering around the small villages and towns, learning about the history of each one.
  • For me, it has been an invaluable time to blog, read and learn the art of blogging from other bloggers.  The learning process may take a while, especially the art of proofreading!
  • Meeting an assortment of people [Liquorice Allsorts comes to mind, in a good way!].

Nellie wearing a daisy chain

  • Sometimes it was doing the little things in life, like making a daisy chain for Nellie, while enjoying a perfectly brewed coffee sitting outside on a sunny day.
  • Living in a small community and seeing how everyday people live in their piece of paradise of Northern France.
  • Another delight was sharing meals with the locals [thanks again].
  • Buying and cooking local food and of course eating it!
  • Being cheese lovers, French food was a top highlight, how could it not be!.  It was winter time and what better time to cosy down and try the numerous amounts of wonderfully tasty food.  With all the food sampling and the dog walking, it sort of balanced itself out.  Well, maybe!
  • Having fun when it snowed.
  • Watching the snowflakes fall, snow perched on Nellie and Louie’s nose after playing in the snow, now that was MAGICAL.


Those were some of the highlights of our first Northern Hemisphere winter.


To Nellie, Louie, David and LouLou,

 we will miss you,

 -Au Revoir-

With love and bags of treats,


the Squire and I.


15 thoughts on “Our last HOORAY (Part 2)”

    1. We love the lifestyle. It is a big responsibility and I think people need to be aware of that before venturing into housesitting. Yes, we do miss the animals though most of the people we housesit for keep in touch so we can know how all are faring as time goes on. Yes, a few adventures await us, which we are looking forward to. At the moment we are shattered [in a good way] walking around Amsterdam. So will wait until we are settled into our next housesit in a week to write about our time here. Look forward to hearing about your next adventure.


    1. Hiya Liesbet, in Amsterdam at the moment having a “break” 😎 Then to Switzerland until the end of April. Love the design stores over here and how we can walk around the city so easily. What are you up too? Suz 🌻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Traveling again! Fun! We are having visitors from Belgium at the moment, so lots of sightseeing in the area, even during the week. 🙂 This sit in Northern California ends on April 26th…

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Nellie has developed diabetes. It was very sad to see her go down so fast!! Hopefully the vet can get her insulin sorted. Learnt a few new skills and shed a few tears. That’s life! Suz 🌻


        1. Sorry for the delay Liesbet, shattered from wandering around the streets all day 🙂 Will write more about our adventures when we are settled in our next housesit. In the meantime will relax reading yours and others blog posts 🙂 Cheers, Suz


  1. I am sort of sad that you didn’t include any photos of the amazing cheeses you tried in France…and sort of glad you didn’t, as it would make me really keen to eat more cheese!!

    Liked by 1 person

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