Dog walking adventures, Housesitting in Switzerland

Tulips and Fudge


It was a sunny Thursday morning, with a strong bitterly cold wind, the sort that rattles your bones and teeth all at the same time. We are tough, we can handle it. Fudge was eager to read some more DNA from the last visiting dog along the walkway.

Let’s hit the road and head to Morges.

Which is about 11kms down the road, another town that is beside Lake Geneva. On arrival, the colourful tulips were a cheerful sight. Fudge was eager to check them out, and before we knew it, he was. Bounding and leaping through them. We avoided all eye contact with what appeared to be stern looking ladies coming towards us. They didn’t understand the overwhelming urge that Fudge had to bound and leap through the tulips, We understood.

Luckily no flower or dog was hurt.

With Fudge on a lead not so long, let’s go for a stroll through the lens of my camera.


Did I mention there was a strong wind?

Different shaped flower beds to give the display more interest.
The ‘boys.’


Au Revoir

17 thoughts on “Tulips and Fudge”

  1. Wow! These photos are gorgeous!! It looks like the perfect day, even if it was cold and windy!
    By the way, my sister calls it “pee-mail” when her dog does around sniffing the DNA from the last visiting doggo.

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