Housesitting in Switzerland

Dipping our paws into Lake Geneva

It’s a sunny, cheerful spring afternoon,

and we were all wanting to get out for some fresh air.

Where could we go?

The squire had a light bulb moment

Saying, “Why don’t we go down to the lake“,

It was a place, we had not visited since arriving in Aubonne.


Fudge, the bravest of the three of us, having a rest and drying out in the sun!.

20170412_135729_editedBoatshed with the compulsory red checked curtains, very quaint.

Trees in spring are so vibrant with their new leaves!
Time to check out the small village just down the road, a different looking Chapel.
Book exchange in the sun, lovely idea.  One that Spain does on a regular basis!
If you happened to be able to buy a bottle from this harvest grown on very expensive land, you would definitely sip it VERY slowly.  Surprisingly, there are quite a few vineyards around this area.




44 thoughts on “Dipping our paws into Lake Geneva”

  1. Beautiful scenery! A walk by or around a lake seems like the perfect thing to do on a sunny spring day. Wish we had more days like that here… California must be the wettest state this winter. 🙂

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