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Dear Fudge and family

It is time to bid you all farewell.

 We do feel very fortunate to have housesat in Aubonne and care for one easy going dog while his wonderful family went on holiday.  Up those hills he went with much enthusiasm like it was his very first time, you did well Fudge for an old dog with arthritis!. We will miss his wagging tail that banged against the cars as we manoeuvred around the narrow streets.  That tail wagged most of the day, he is such a happy fellow!  He’s the first dog we have met that has his own pillow, of course, it required the paw thumping on it just to get it in the right position!.  As the days passed, we found out he didn’t like having his photo taken or maybe he was like the squire, tired of having to pose!.  Though I did manage to capture a few goodies as well as noting down a few highlights of our 2.5 weeks there.

Aubonne highlights

  • The biggest highlight was having a delightful and welcoming family to meet and to look after their beloved dog “Fudge.”
  • Sharing an evening meal with everyone – a cheese fondue, very moreish!
  • Learning and being more intrigued with Kenya, sounds a fascinating place to visit.
  • The Arboretum [read more about that in Blossoms and Fudge]
  • It was a relaxing place to be to absorb a bit more of the French/Swiss way of life.
  • The double-edged sword was the fantastic pastries/bakery around the corner.
  • Yes, it is expensive to buy food here.  There is always lentil soup!
  • The friendly locals, the women at the bakery, were getting used to us!.
  • We were pleasantly surprised at how attractive and enjoyable it was to wander the lanes, streets and bush tracks in the old part of Aubonne.  [Read more in Neighbourhood Walks – Aubonne]
  • Opening the front door to an array of colourful houses and always discovering something new.  Priceless!
  • The view we had of the majestic mountains and the calmness of Lake Geneva – read more in Dipping our Paws into Lake Geneva
  • The castle on the hill.
  • The heritage and well-preserved buildings.  Loved the architecture!
  • Watching the changes of spring starting to take hold.  The trees and flowers.
  • The community gardens.
  • The flower boxes and water features.

We will miss our wanderings with you, Fudge.


-Au Revoir-

4 thoughts on “Dear Fudge and family”

  1. What a nice time. It looks like you made the most of your stay and visit, with doggy love and interesting excursions. Trying to get rid of all our food, because we are leaving by plane for a bit, we made split red lentil curry for the first time. Cheap, healthy and tasty! All we wanted to do was get rid of the bag, but we might buy them again. 🙂

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