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World Naked Gardening Day.

Planting flowers,

getting down and dirty,

listening to bees, birds and rustling trees.  

It’s called Gardening, and it’s an activity I relish. 

Add more interest and do it on May 6th as it’s

World Naked Gardening Day.

When I do get this overwhelming urge to connect with mother earth [funnily enough I don’t have the urge to do it naked, which is a blessing!].  I can usually scratch that itch when we are housesitting.  Look I have even been known to eliminate weeds from a driveway when the owners had a gardener, and she selfishly got rid of all the weeds.

Jake the dog and the overseer

“Enjoy mowing lawns! You must be joking?”. It’s correct mowing lawns can be fun, and it keeps you fit as long as you don’t use a ride on!  So feel self-righteous, get fit, and, mow the lawns!.

Timmy supervising [this elderly dog is still going robust UPDATED May 2019]
    A while ago, approximately 9 years ago, we had a small orchard and grew olives and passionfruit, and I had a few machines some more reliable than others!  I am sure a couple of our former neighbours could testify to my mowing abilities!

Our backyard and neighbourhood change regularly, as do the everyday experiences of how a garden is used.  Which brings me to the subject of community gardens.  I absolutely love this concept, as it allows people who have no land to lease a plot.  For others, it may be to combine socialising with gardening.  Whatever the reason, I am happy that this age-old tradition is still enjoyed by many.

Gardening from above, in the grounds of a castle

World Naked Gardening Day compressed

The perfect combination. Vegetables, trees, and flowers.

A walk down into a valley and a community garden on the hillside. [Switzerland]
Tulips compressed.jpg


Then there are those special moments;

While sitting on a garden seat,

we find ourselves remembering people we love,

when seeing a rose or a blooming wisteria,

we often say,

“They would enjoy seeing that.”


World Naked Gardening Day 1.jpg


17 thoughts on “World Naked Gardening Day.”

  1. Hmmm, something to remember the next time I’m in a garden that isn’t surrounded by houses. My husband and I like to mow our lawn, too. We use a manual push mower, the kind without an engine!

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