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Neighbourhood Walks – Smugglers Lane

On a promising sunny Sunday morning, we were up with the larks, we must have known something, as we managed to enjoy our usual cup of coffee before the power decided to go off.  Time for a walk while that issue sorts itself out, and it did.


Walking past The Journeys End up the lane to the left and we are on our way.


Ringmore Valley contains many hedgerows from the 1800s which are still maintained by traditional cutting and laying practices.

The hedgerows provide great nesting sites for a variety of birds, including the nationally rare cirl bunting. Halfway down and a first real glimpse of the cove.
There’s Arymer Cove.
We could just imagine the row boats coming ashore and the men scrambling up Smugglers Lane in dire need for an ale or two at The Journey’s Inn.  Time to retrace our steps back though not to the pub it’s back to Molly and Probie’s home for all of us.


Past this charming cottage, with its quaint small windows and thatched roof.
Back down into the Valley we go, time for another cuppa and treat for our four-legged friends.

Where do you enjoy walking


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