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The Roadtrip to Pamukkale, Turkey – Pt 1

We started off as we mean to go on.  With an enjoyable and relaxed morning in the company of Liz, Dave and their animal family [our Dalyan housesit, which we know we are going to enjoy] before we headed off towards Pamukkale which would be our base for a couple of nights. What were our… Continue reading The Roadtrip to Pamukkale, Turkey – Pt 1

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Mini and Possum

Mini is the mum, and her daughter is Possum. The life of a cat doesn't get that stressful or that eventful. It's either food time, nap time or prowl time. With that in mind here are some captures of these two quietly enjoying their lives. Thanks for visiting all you cat lovers  and viewing  a small… Continue reading Mini and Possum

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Neighbourhood walks – Painswick

Barty dislikes the postie (he won't divulge why), pigeons and Possum [as in Possum, the cat because he hisses]. Basically,  just a few moving objects starting with "P".  Walking doesn't start with a "P" which is a good thing.  As we love to go for walks! Especially ones on a reasonably warm and sunny day.… Continue reading Neighbourhood walks – Painswick

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Neighbourhood Walks – Througham

Life really is all about timing! We certainly did not get our timing correct for mostly sunny weather when housesitting in the Cotswolds a few weeks ago.  As the cold front that was passing through made the temperature more like a late winter with the odd moments of spring. Did this dampen our spirits, it… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walks – Througham

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Runner-up Newcomer Blogger – in THE BLOGGER BASH AWARDS

WOW When I first started off blogging, it started off like this: There was this lovely  DELETE On a sunny day we DELETE This carried on for months, I was my own worst critic of myself and writing.  For myself this writing lark does not come easy, it takes much deleting before I get it… Continue reading Runner-up Newcomer Blogger – in THE BLOGGER BASH AWARDS