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Wandering off to Turkey


“Where exactly is your next housesit?”

“Dalyan, Turkey”, [me]

“Did you say Turkey? Isn’t that close to Syria where the terrorists come from?.”

“There are Muslims there,  not sure about the terrorists”, [me]  

You get the drift of a few recent conversations with people naturally concerned for our welfare, and we love them for their concern, though we don’t feel unsafe going.   Unfortunately, this is a typical conversation with people who have not been to Turkey and have been inundated with hyped up media reports.

Others who have ventured over or live there, literally rave about the place.  Then there are those passionate travellers who are yet to experience it and love to read other’s experiences until their time comes to go themselves.

What a mixture of reactions.

Read this article for a tongue in cheek view: 

More importantly, we are housesitting for a lovely couple and their animals.  It would be an understatement to say we are looking forward to our new adventure to Turkey.  It’s a culture we had not had much to do with, unless you class munching on some Turkish Delight and other mouth-watering morsels over the years, not to mention those times when it seemed okay to order a large kebab at the end of a night out.

So no we have not as yet experienced Turkey culture.

Though we have not long to go, and we will be there!.  As it’s about that time for us to catch a plane to Dalaman.  The next morning we pick up our hire car and head off to Dalyan to drop our larger suitcases at our next housesit.  Have a chat and a cuppa with Liz and Dave.  Then we are on our way to enjoy a week’s road trip before they head off for a holiday to another destination.

 In the meantime, catch up with our travels via

Turkey (3)_edited

11 thoughts on “Wandering off to Turkey”

  1. Enjoy Turkey! There are so many wonderful sights there. I have only been to a small part of the country and loved every bit of it! I also have a friend who lives there and who I hope to visit one day, since she just started her own restaurant. Happy travels!

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  2. Dalyan is one of our MOST FAVORITE parts of Turkey!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 — the river, the lake, the beach – all SO BEAUTIFUL and relaxing and wonderful. The town itself is a bit touristy, but safe with lots of options to eat. For exploring you have the Lycean tombs, the lake towns, the turtle rescue, the Roman ruins, Cleopatra’s mud bath….. I hope you find it as magical and wonderful as we did! And Turkish food….YUM!!! Enjoy this assignment!

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