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Neighbourhood Walks – Througham

Life really is all about timing!

We certainly did not get our timing correct for mostly sunny weather when housesitting in the Cotswolds a few weeks ago.  As the cold front that was passing through made the temperature more like a late winter with the odd moments of spring.

Did this dampen our spirits, it certainly did not.  

Being housesitters/travellers, and especially when only at a place for a few weeks, sometimes the weather just isn’t always going to be gloriously sunny and warm.

Let me tell you about this beautiful area in the heart of England.  Firstly, it isn’t all about the chocolate box stone cottages with baskets flowing with flowers.  Our temporary home base is in a rural idyll of peaceful rolling hills where life is unhurried and the day is enjoyed walking around the beautiful fields and valleys that often lead to rivers, canals, and woods.

This is the Cotswolds.  

The Cotswolds have been known by that name since Shakespear’s time, and it is mentioned in Richard II.  Its designating name is well-recognised though it is not an official county. Its boundaries are demarked, and the majority of the Cotswolds lie in Gloucestershire.


Looking towards the beautiful Cotswold Hills.


If we planned our walks right, we got to pass a civilised pub or two.  We did get to visit one of those on our first night here, though there was no long walk involved.  It’s not uncommon outside this pub above, to see a local holding onto their horse at the same time as eating a sandwich and gulping down a pint.

The local walks we enjoyed were centred around puddle dodging on some days and enjoying the sun on others.  Strolling down the delightfully named Catswood Lane, Calfway and Wishanger.  Funnily enough not a cat, calf nor wish to be seen while out walking.  What we have seen are many sheep, lambs and the odd horse, deer and a resident squirrel.

One not so dry day, Barty, the Squire and I were needing to release some energy.  Raincoats for us and a harness lead for Barty and we were off along the lane that we had not ventured down on previous walks.


Puddle jumper Barty, not one to go splashing in the puddles, unlike his follower!


Looking back down the lane as we had around the fields heading for the hills, might have to leave going further for drier weather.


We did have a few days with less cloud and showers.  Though as Billy Connelly once stated, “There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing”. 


Either one will retake us to home base. The sound of rustling trees and birdsong seems to cast a calming effect on us as we walked around the lane.  Not that we needed it, I believe the quietness of the countryside does that to people, similar to the tranquil effect that the ocean has on us.


Barty our faithful walking companion, on a stone wall waiting for a car to go past.  Oh yes, we do need to suck in our stomachs and make sure our toes aren’t too close to the car wheels, sometimes it is that tight a squeeze.

Housesitting for us is time to relax, recharge, organise future housesits and to plan our next place to explore.   To be honest, it is tiring doing travelling continuously and when we get to a housesit we just want to do things that are about relaxing and not involving too much travelling around.


Such as a brisk walk during the day

accompanied by a roaring fire

on a wet coolish summer’s night,

just hits that relaxation spot.

Neighbourhood Walks_edited


14 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Walks – Througham”

  1. So glad you enjoyed it here Suz. Your camera makes all the colours so bright and vivid, despite the weather. Can’t beat a log fire, although now we’re back we are having an absolute heatwave. Have a wonderful time in Turkey and do try and get to Cappadocia. The roads are much better than when we did it and the buses are good. Constant supply of cold water en route and they squirt everyone with lemon juice every so often!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loved when we got told about the UK having a heatwave just as I was about to publish this post. Your garden will be so lovely to sit in especially with a cool one!
      We are loving Turkey. The little villages. Arrived in Dalyan today.


    1. Claire, it’s no longer a secret now 🙂 Yes I must admit I do love a good old cloudy day in the UK. The sun is also very harsh in NZ and I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to get high 30’s there, where as in the Med it is so much easier to handle. Especially with a sea breeze which I am sitting in now 🙂 We need to see more of Ireland!!

      Liked by 1 person

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