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Neighbourhood walks – Painswick

Barty dislikes the postie (he won’t divulge why), pigeons and Possum [as in Possum, the cat because he hisses]. Basically,  just a few moving objects starting with “P”.  Walking doesn’t start with a “P” which is a good thing.  As we love to go for walks! Especially ones on a reasonably warm and sunny day.  So let’s get ready.

Wait, we need to do a few “things.”

  1. Cats need feeding, and attention to be given – done
  2.  Birds and squirrel need feeding – done
  3. Food shopping – done
  4. Checked emails and necessary ones answered – done
  5. Consumed a few cups of good coffee – done
  6. Indulged in some food from shopping as mentioned above  – done
  7. Re-enter house numerous times looking for “things” we need – done

Where did we go?

The Squire drove us to the historic wool town of Painswick, which is also known as the Queen of the Cotswolds.  Just a short drive down and around some narrow lanes from where we were housesitting.  Painswick is dominated by its impressive parish church and ornamental churchyard. St Mary’s is a mishmash of styles – the history of a church at Painswick can be traced back to the Doomsday book,.  Though the current building is a mixture of 15th, 16th and 17th-century architecture – and the tower still bears the scars of cannon fire from the civil war when Roundheads sought refuge inside the church walls.

The Squire and Barty, as usual, posing patiently as I capture that moment!


This photo shows the No.15th tree, a local legend says that only 99 trees can grow on the church grounds.  For years the locals have tried numerous times to plant the 100th tree only to have an existing one die.  To this day only 99 trees are growing happily in the grounds.  I did wonder if someone with time on their hands, and a glint of mischief in their eye, will take upon themselves to try and plant that 100th one again.  Is it the work of the devil or just a story gone viral?  You decide.

Knowing such information does make walking around there rather eerie.


Wandering the streets with the Cotswold Hills as a backdrop.  First impressions you would be forgiven if you thought it a sleepy historical wool trading town.  Not so.

To make this place more noticeable than just another sleepy historical town in the Cotswolds a group of creative people started the  Painswick Wearable Art Festival which is on every alternative year, unfortunately for us, it’s not now or this year.  The next one is scheduled for 2018.

Kind of reminds me of the New Zealand version that started off in Nelson which is now in the South Island.  Due to its popularity, it was moved to a larger city, namely Wellington.  So, if you just happen to be heading to New Zealand instead of the Cotswolds.  You might just want to check it out

Other notable events that occurred in Painswick is the filming of a book, read about it in this article.


On the way back we went through the church grounds again, to stop and view this entrance way!


A visit to a local village is never quite complete without buying some local produce, and there just happened to be a small market on while we were visiting.  There on arrival were a group of local women selling embroidered cards, and you have to like women who admit to doing little housework due to so much time being spent making cards, how could I not buy one!

 The honey was a no-brainer, it was very scrumptious.  Happy with my purchases and our walk we headed back with thoughts of lunch perhaps a cuppa and a spread of honey on a scone.

 How English are we!

Neighbourhood Walks - Painswick


13 thoughts on “Neighbourhood walks – Painswick”

  1. I’m very sorry to ask something irrelevant to your post but how old is your dog Barty? He looks very like my Lottie and I wondered whether he is her brother? I can send you a photo via email if you like. Thank you very much in advance.

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    1. I don’t mind you asking Nela. Barty is not our dog, he is one we care for while his family goes on holiday.


    1. Thanks for commenting much appreciated. We love the smaller towns and villages in the UK. So much more to explore!!


  2. Beautiful purchases, cute town and the right amount of mystery. It looks like it was a great walk. I recognize the going back inside scene, because we forgot to pack something for a walk. 🙂 Are you able to borrow the owners’ car to go for walks/sightseeing/shopping usually?

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