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New Housesit + New Culture = Adventure


With the sun streaming down, (yes you did read that right, it was sunny on our last day),  as we boarded our flight from Bristol to Dalaman.

It was a comfortable 4 hr flight, this was partly due to the Squire booking Emergency Exit row seats, and, it was worth the extra pounds as it meant more leg room.  Other requirements for an enjoyable short flight for this girl are:

NEW NAKD POSH BITS, [I refuse to eat prepacked airline food as in muffins or sandwiches that are a week old, the other meals on long-haul flights are usually acceptable] reading material and a snooze [not necessarily in that order]

On arrival, we thought our entry into Dalaman, Turkey would require evidence of our exit [which is something we always have printed out to show immigration] and what our plans were going to be.  None of that happened, in fact, it was the most relaxed entry into a new country that we have experienced.  We also did not require a visa, New Zealand is one country that does not need one.  So with a thump of the stamp, on our passports, we were off through the gates, thinking that was very easy there was no rush, no visible security men hanging around with guns.  It seemed a bit surreal, after experiencing such tight security in other countries.



Once we picked up our bags, it was time to meet the man from DLM Car Rental.  Leaving the terminal, we walked over to an open area with what looked like ticket boxes set around this square.  No one was there, okay not a good sign.  Let’s not panic, it’s only midnight, and we are in Dalaman, Turkey, and no mobile coverage [though we did find out that we could’ve got a sim card from another rental car agency] to ring this guy.  After about an hour we had it sorted [it was our fault as the car rental people thought we did not require the vehicle until the next day], and the Squire and I were driven to the car rental place in the car that would be ours for the week.  It needed to be cleaned as the previous users had just dropped it off.  All in all this car rental company is worth dealing with as we had a reliable modern vehicle for a week at the cost of 150 pounds.  Plus the small hiccup, in the beginning, was rectified with no fuss.


Finally, at 1 am, we arrived at our hotel.  It was time to sleep as we had to be up early to meet Liz and Dave who would be driving over from Dalyan to guide us back to their home. We looked forward to meeting them as we had organised this housesit 9 months ago, with us all having the time to exchange information about ourselves and to ask questions. We were not disappointed, and both Liz, Dave and Turkey made us feel very welcome, and it is like staying with friends.

Lastly, though not least is the reason why we are in Turkey, let me introduce you all to:


Tequila [who you will see quite a lot as I share snippets of our morning walks].
As we had a week free before we were scheduled to stay in Dalyan and start our housesit which will be for 2.5 months.  We decided to go and see a small part of Turkey.

After a chat and a cuppa, we left Dalyan to start our week’s road trip.


Coming up in my next post is:

– The first leg of our road trip –

Heading to Pamukkale.



29 thoughts on “New Housesit + New Culture = Adventure”

  1. Sounds pretty exciting, new country and new housesit. Great idea to have a few days off and explore before starting too. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to and how you find Turkey.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is nice to be welcomed by and familiarized with the owners of your next sit, before actually moving in. I hope you are enjoying (or have enjoyed) your week-long tour. Pummakale is very special! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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