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Spread The Love like Wild Flowers



The last week our concerns have been with family members back home in New Zealand and Australia who have had significant health issues.

Then another terrorist act happens.

I removed myself away from the frenzied media reports sharing story after story. It was not until today that I wanted to read people’s views on yet another tragic event. One blog post I read and agree with is from The Wandering Darlings.

It is worth taking a minute or two to read it.

the wandering darlings

The world is a challenging place at the moment. Whilst terrorism is not new it is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. My first awareness of terrorism was September 11. I remember being so naive in thinking it was an accident and that people wouldn’t want to cause that level of harm. Now though, there is barely a month that goes by without an attack or incident somewhere in the world and everyone is doing their best to stay strong, not to be afraid and not to let the terrorists win. But it’s hard. 

 I woke up to a group text message from my best friends at home in Australia saying ‘ok, ok enough is enough. I think you should come home now to live’ 

 I know it was out of care and love but I replied that I wasn’t going to live in fear and move home…

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