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Worth a Word Wednesday: the tracks of my life

It dawned another day called Wednesday.

Over my short existence as a blogger, I have engaged with a few interesting people and their blogs, one I do read on a regular basis is Debs World who just happens to be another girl from downunder.

I thought it was time for a short blog post in between the Road Trip series to highlight an interesting blogger and a few tracks in our life over the last year.

Grab a coffee or whatever your choice of liquid is and check out her blog https://debs-world.com/

Tambourine Mountain, Queensland
Hesdin Forest, Northern France, walking Nellie and Louis


Source: Worth a Word Wednesday: the tracks of my life

10 thoughts on “Worth a Word Wednesday: the tracks of my life”

      1. That would be great! I enjoy our contact too. I’ve been perusing other wordless Wednesday posts and they manage without using words so I think I’ll stick with our Worth a Word Wednesday from now on!! My youngest daughter told me off for always breaking the ‘wordless’ rules so she’s happy with this development. Can’t have my children telling me off!!

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        1. What on earth are you doing up at this hour! Maybe connecting both our blogs up ?every fortnight? Or month? Weekly would be too much as we could be changing housesits or travelling. What suggestions do you have?


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