The 50 things we appreciate in our life

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we love the most.  So, with that in mind here’s our list and photographs of ‘moments/things’, some old and some new.  Things and moments that make us appreciate what we have/or had in our life, be it healthy or not!.  In no particular order of importance,  a bit of fun, a small moment of reflection.

  1. Being best mates for travel and in life – priceless!
  2. Receiving messages from friends and family, and hoping that they know we think of them all even though we are not together!!
  3. The thrill of a personal achievement – 10 half marathons and 1 triathlon in my early 50’s HALFMARATHONS
  4. Seeing and feeling the sun on a winters day.
  5. Having the opportunity years ago to develop an olive grove and grow passionfruit.  The big bonus was having wonderful neighbours!Olive Grove - Nov 2006_edited
  6. To visit and admire beautiful citiesAmsterdam 20170402_103400
  7. Being able to Laugh – a real good belly laugh – I have a very contagious laugh!  I think I passed it down to our niece – old photo of her sitting in our motorhome!DSCF4241
  8. Quotes – PortoPSX_20160816_153851
  9. Time to smell the roses
  10. Flowers or Flora – wild or tamed – Neighbourhood walks – Aubonne20170407_094118_edited
  11. Warm smiles and understanding from locals when we try to speak their language
  12. Organising new housesits and travel for 2018 – Spain 
  13. Cycling on a newly found pathway 20170708_070520_edited
  14. People saying ‘thank you’ or a random act of kindness from a stranger
  15. Having time and support to pursue our separate passions
  16. Remembering fun times with family [niece and nephew], on our farm many years ago!2007_0119Xmas0027
  17. Visiting local markets for fresh fruit and vegetables plus the odd kilo of cheese!
  18.  Walking in the bush or forest
  19. Listening to rain on the roof
  20. That first brewed coffee in the morning, bliss!
  21. Having the time to be creative [more me!].Creativity
  22. Meeting many lovely people and their adored pets from around the world.PSX_20160513_165747
  23. Doing something active, like walking a dog20170410_161447_edited
  24. Enjoying so many different cultures
  25. Swimming on a hot day20170629_122356 (1)_edited
  26. Remembering the name of someone/something you had forgotten
  27. Priceless moments while childminding our nieces over the summer holidays for 2 years running!20150127_143329_edited
  28. Unexpected birthday treats for the Squire20150127_141319_edited
  29. Sunsets in New Zealand [no filter!]SUNSET - Fergusson Park, Matau_edited
  30. Summer TreatsIceblocks
  31. Good health
  32. Kiwi-born and bredKIwi
  33. Art Galleries
  34. The sound of the waves, walking along it, the smell of it – the beach
  35. The abundance of watermelon in Turkey during this year’s summer.
  36. Food that starts with “C” – chocolate, clotted cream, cheese
  37. Photography – Capturing the quirky “things” when exploring a new place
  38. Our years of motorhoming and the friends we made along the way IMG_2885_edited
  39. Opening a book or magazine for the first time
  40. Friend and family catch-ups!
  41. The artistic people that we know!
  42. Proud moments of being a BloggerSUZYV (14)_edited
  43. The ability to still have dreams and goals
  44. Spring20170405_105045_edited
  45. People who make me laugh, make me think and make me coffee
  46. NEVER too old to try something new
  47. Capturing rainbows and other unusual weather eventsPSX_20160713_190544_edited.jpg
  48. A starry night
  49. Travelling to see family!  An oldie and a good photo of our niece and her dog!DSCF4953_edited
  50. Visiting local bookstores wherever we travel – New YorkPSX_20161006_203530

As I was making this list, I realised everything on my list are mostly simple, basic and don’t require too much money.  Except for the travelling part!  It was a lovely feeling just thinking of these things, remembering good times in the past and now.


50 Things we appreciate 2



75 thoughts on “The 50 things we appreciate in our life”

  1. I LOVE this. I know I “liked” it awhile ago, but I don’t see a comment from me here, which shocks me. I adore your list. I love that you competed in marathons. I love that you have a partner to travel with. I love that you appreciate the away times and the “home” times with family. I just love this.

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  2. Love the choices in this post, and I bet you have hundreds from which to pick. Is it always sunny though lol. Like the above comment; forest are my absolute favourite and second only to old lakes which collect time…or I like to think of it that way; give them mysticism. Lovely post andlook forward to your reports on Spain as my local pub landlords are from there!!

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      1. I’d swap you a day of our rain any day lol. Mind you, when it has been hot here it soars now and the humidity is terrible. Our landlords are lovely people as it happens and they do a featured Spanish night once a month 🙂

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  3. Lovely list with some awesome photographs. I love sitting in bed, drinking coffee on a summer morning, reading excellent blogs like this one. Looking forward to a day spending time with my husband and two grandsons who come this afternoon and will spend the night with us. They will play in the big sand pile we had delivered for them and we’ll get out the inflatable pool so they can do some splashing about under a sunny, July day. Later I’ll sip a glass of wine and we’ll eat grilled hamburgers on the patio. And we’ll giggle and read stories before we tuck them into bed and fall exhausted into our bed. Yes, this is likely to be a perfect day!

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  4. Loved reading this list. Not only a great blog post but such an amazing outlook on life and happiness. It really is the small inexpensive things in life that make us happiest. Also can I say that picture of the watermelon is all kinds of great!! I’m ready to go to the shop to buy one now.

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    1. Thanks Mel, I really appreciate your feedback. Laughing at the watermelon, I think we are nearly close to overdosing and I may have a revolt on my hands if I bring another one home when out cycling. Might leave it a day LOL Hey enjoy yours!

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  5. What a beautiful list Suzanne. We often don’t stop to consider the small things that make our lives so wonderful so I love that you’ve captured things like watermelon, laughing and coffee as well as the more significant things like family, friends and of course the infamous Squire!

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  6. I love lists like this, the more people showing gratitude and appreciation for the littler things in their lives, the happier we’d be as a global community. Some lovely choices to list down here, I hope it keeps growing 🙂

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    1. So true Shaun. It started with trying to clean up a portable drive with some old photos on. I got distracted 🙂 The list ‘thing’is not usually my style of blogging, though don’t want to become predictable NOW that would be boring 🙂 Have a good day.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment. The Squire deals with chronic pain in his life due to a back disability. His attitude to life is amazing and that is why we just get out there and do it as much as we can!


  7. What a great list Suz!! You can tell you’re enjoying your life choices. You are right all basic simple things that don’t have to cost a lot of money. 46 is a favourite of mine. 😊😊 keep laughing 😂

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  8. I can’t think of anything to add to this list. I love every single one of them. creativity, belly laughing, Spring – my fave tree is the cherry blossom. Quotes are inspiring to read. Travel. It is the small things in life that make life truly special. Loved reading this. Oh, that picture of Amsterdam. I’ve only been as far as the airport ha ha!

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    1. Thanks Daisy and yes quotes are inspiring until they become overused 🙂 Yes, it is the little things in life, smiling and saying hello to someone you pass on the street is a favourite of mine. As it might have been their first and only contact for that day in our busy world.

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    1. Hahaha, well to be truthful, I love all vegetables, it was written with tongue in cheek. Now there’s an old favourite cauliflower and cheese, yummy. I also make a cauliflower soup, using 3 varieties of mustard and you would swear it had cheese in it!

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  9. That’s an incredible list! Beauty and happiness lies in the little things. While others might comment “you are so lucky to experience all these joys”, I am going to leave it at “you are making the right choices in life”! 🙂

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