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A Boy on a Horse – Kiwi Style

It was a calm autumn day a few years ago, and we were parked up with our motorhome near a reasonably deserted beach on the East Coast of New Zealand.  Another terminology for where we were parked up is out in the wop wops!

I decided to head on down to the beach with my camera, as you do, to see if an opportunity would arise to capture that particular moment.  Well, the moment I experienced was very iconically New Zealand, kiwi, or the Maori word for NZ is Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud.

It’s GOING horse riding BAREBACK.

My mother was a brilliant horsewoman, my sister was better than I, actually, the only time I wanted to get on a horse if it was on its last legs so to speak.  I apparently did not inherit the natural ability to ride.  Though they are beautiful creatures to watch, and this day was no exception.

Without further ado, here is what I had fun taking photographs of while sitting on the sand dunes back on the East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand.

Boy on horse - bareback (1 of 1)


Boy on Horse

Horse riding in the surf (1 of 1)

How beautiful

44 thoughts on “A Boy on a Horse – Kiwi Style”

  1. Your photographs gave me chills! ❤ What I would have given to do that when I was little like that. Heck! Who am I kidding? I’d still do it now if I had my own horse. Thank you for sharing your magical photos with us!!!

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  2. Thanks, Angela, no he was a local lad who was with other kids on their horses 🙂 He saw me taking photos and kept riding his horse in front of me. I normally don’t take photos of people and this was taken a few years ago which means he would’ve changed dramatically as kids do. Plus, the adults who were supervising the kids approved my capturing his riding skills, which were rather good!.

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  3. Your welcome 🙂 Yes I hope your horse and yourself are on the same page so to speak when you head down to the beach. Though I have not seen to many horses that do not love the sea. Enjoy your time and thanks for commenting.

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  4. You got it Orla. Awesome to see kids and adults away from technology for a while. Having said that, we rely on it when doing what we do!! We loved getting away to the more remote beaches and bush areas. Totally self-sufficient in our motorhome with solar panels etc

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  5. I love the picture of the boy on the horse in the ocean. Feels so free and reminds me of my childhood love of “The Black Stallion.”

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