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Sweet As – Dalyan Iz Cafe


UPDATE March 2018:  Louise and Freddie have now sold their cafe.  Maybe a new business is in the pipelines?  Keep an eye out next time you wander around the township of Dalyan.

Shall I tell or say nought?

To having tried

and liked

the many sweet delights!

The answer, of course, is YES.

Well, that was in the comfort of where we are housesitting.  Now it was time to open the purse and splurge a few Turkish lira on something sweet and a coffee at a local cafe.

The cafe in town we have visited a few times is Dalyan Iz Cafe, read more about them on FACEBOOK [no longer available]   and their  WEBSITE [no longer available].  Its appealing feature is their outdoor seating underneath the trees.  Which on a hot summers day is very idyllic.


Louise one of the owners is English and a lovely person to chat with, and so is her husband, Freddie. The cafe reflects both their cultures and the community in which it resides.

The day we visited was mid-morning so a fitting time to order two coffees complimented by two slices of cake, with a small portion of ice cream.  Of course, they do have an array of other foods, a blend of English and Turkish.  We have loved trying out many different mezes while in Turkey.  Though nothing beats a good piece of cake for a morning treat.  What I found overpowering is the use of sugar syrup on many sweet treats here in Turkey, it is far too sweet for my liking.  Though of course if I had remembered I would’ve asked to have it excluded!


There are numerous cafes here in Dalyan, we have visited a few.  What I like about this particular cafe is the inclusion of an art gallery, which I must admit was a joy to wander around and view the quality art on display.


What a relief it was NOT to find any tacky tourist items, amongst the art produced by locals.An extra touch was the explanation of the art in various languages explaining the history and the artist that was displayed around the gallery.

This I thought was really thoughtful and highlighted the pride in the Turkish culture, and the important role artists play in keeping the culture alive through the various artistic mediums.

he next time or your first visit, to a travel destination have fun discovering the hidden treasures while exploring the surrounding areas.  Just don’t forget to take a breath and enjoy a local cafe, you never know what else you will find.



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