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It’s that TIME again!

Yes, we are packed and ready to leave Dalyan, Turkey.  Next, we are heading to Marmaris where we will be spending our last night in Turkey.  

As you know, we have been housesitting in Dalyan, Turkey and caring for one gentle and adorable always smiling dog called Tequila, and two equally lovable cats Charlie and Kizzy, since early June.

We will miss them all, though not one of those million damned mosquitoes.

We have had a fabulous time being a “local” for a brief time in a culture and community, that has been an entirely new experience for us.  As usual, it will take a while to absorb everything that we have learnt and what lifelong impressions it will have on us.  I believe it has made us even more open-minded to various ways of dealing with life and its usual challenges.  This country has certainly rattled [literally] and made us question our western middle-class beliefs about Muslim and Turkish culture.

All in all, it has been a positive experience, we have met some wonderful people, and, it is another housesit position we shall remember fondly.  

Thanks, Liz and Dave for choosing us as your housesitters.

Now it’s onto something new, with nearly two weeks off to check out a small slice of Greece life before we start our next house sit in Portugal in mid-September.

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25 thoughts on “It’s that TIME again!”

  1. I can’t believe three months have passed! Summer in the Northern hemisphere is about over. 😦 I’m sure it was a hot one for you both, but you seem to have gained so many experiences and insights. Enjoy Greece and Portugal. The mosquitoes should be better in the fall. 🙂

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    1. Yes Liesbet, we can’t believe all of a sudden our time has come to move on. We will be back to Turkey next year 🙂 Got used to the heat and those mosquitoes knew exactly what bit of my skin did not have repellent on whereas Les didn’t one bite. Just wasn’t fair 🙂

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  2. I envy your upcoming vacation and the following adventure! Greece and Portugal are both on our bucket list. We’re hoping to make it out to Lisbon for a short trip later this year, but there are so many places to see! Can’t wait to follow along 🙂

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