Our new piece of ART

Today down a bustling, busy street, not far from our apartment, sat this very unassuming woman sketching.  I was intrigued as it felt her space around her seemed a calm, quiet area.  When we approached and viewed her art, I instantly fell in love with it as it evoked a sense of whimsical fun and happy summertime memories.

What makes an artist and their art stand out when there are so many to chose from? 

For me, it was the connection through memories to the newly found art and the smile with which the artist acknowledges the buyer’s connection.

If you are interested in knowing more about Paula check her out at the links below.  I will soon be posting more about this fantastic arty city called Lisbon.

Until then.


25 thoughts on “Our new piece of ART”

  1. I totally get why you like it, Suz. I see so many things in this one painting and it creates a smile on everyone’s face. How big is it? I hope you will be able to hang or display it some day, somewhere, to enjoy it fully!

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