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A Tribute to Glayva

For some, every day is a special day to sip a tot of good fine whisky such as the likes of Glayva.

Though for two people, her human parents, this particular day a while back was done in honour of a much-beloved dog called Glayva.  Who will no longer roam the North Yorkshire villages or dales as she is now at peace.  She lived to the grand old age of 13, her life filled with love and adventure.  Her home buzzing with the excitement of life and business.


We had the privilege of spending time with this beautiful soul as we were her carers for a short while in 2016 as her human parents went off sailing for some much-needed relaxation.  Though the Squire and I thought we got the better deal as we had Glayva and her sister from a different mother [Piccolo the cat] to keep us company.

Together we explored around the village where they all lived.  Oh, and did we explore! She took us for some lovely walks.  Sometimes it was just Glayva and me, and we would head to through a beautiful wooded area to where we I could admire the buildings and gardens, and Glayva took this opportunity for a quick snooze before it was time to turn around and head back home.PSX_20160622_114502

On a bright clear day, the lawns needed mowing which is all part and parcel of housesitting.  Glayva would happily take her place beside the Squire as I finished this chore.  Then, of course, that quintessential item would be placed on the lawn to complete the outside scene.  This was an honour as she had a motherly instinct with these beloved stuffed toys.


Here’s to your human parents finding little tuffs of fluff, a hydrangea flower proudly blooming under the tree where you now rest.  Hoping that these moments will bring a smile to their faces as they remember the happy times, which are bountiful.


33 thoughts on “A Tribute to Glayva”

      1. Just love these dogs but after living with my partner’s mother in the UK for 5 months, who has a long-haired one of these, I don’t think I would own one. There is a perpetual carpet of thick hair over the carpet (and everything, even had hair in my undies…but we’ll leave that one alone)! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful tribute, Suz. You guys sure connect with the animals you take care of as well. I love the photo of Glayva running towards you with fluffy, floppy ears. She reminds me of Oscar, the last dog we pet sat in Colorado. Rest in peace, sweet girl!

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  2. Suzanne, what a lovely tribute. I always say that the animals that come into our lives are like family. Even more so with dogs as they seem to shadow us by greeting us when we get home, sitting by us when we read books in our chairs, and accompanying us on walks, hikes, and some trips we go on. I’m sure the owners love this tribute – I hope they see it. Beautiful!

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  3. I send my warm wishes to Glayva’s Humans. Losing our furries is tremendously hard … she will find her place forever nestling in the hearts of those who loved her but meanwhile this tender tribute to a big bundle of caring canine is quite lovely. 💔

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