Jam Art Prints

While I try to find some time to write up about our roadtrip and care for “Lottie” the cat at our first Spain housesit, here is a little snippet from a moment in New Zealand.

Every visit back to the homeland (New Zealand) our storage unit needs to be checked, this time around it had a spring clean, being Spring and all.  It was fun to see what we have collected from our travels in the last few years.  Smallish things that we carried around with us to be brought out when we get our next “forever home”.  We always say that until the next opportunity arises!

The below photo is a print we bought from our visit to Dublin in 2016.  Found in a very funky art store called Jam Art Prints in Dublin, now that was fun find, I wanted to just get one, it took me so long I am sure the guy behind the counter was going to offer me a chair to rest while I tried to make up my mind.  There was so many to choose from, some days require more patience when the thought process is on the go slow.  We choose one that made us smile, and here it is, sort of says it all without adding any more words.


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13 thoughts on “Jam Art Prints”

  1. Love your idea of a ‘forever home’, wonder if we’ll ever have one of those again. No plans currently but I guess there will be one at some stage. Nice to find these hidden memories amongst all your stuff though.

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  2. This is really cute. 🙂

    It must be quite fun to go through all the things you’ve collected, and to purge the things you realize you didn’t miss over the last year! We left some things in my mum’s attic. I think I’ll have to do a spring clean next time we head home!

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    1. It is Josy as we love picking up little things that aren’t touristy though still remind us of the places we have visited. Hopefully to be framed and hung up on a wall. Or the next generation will inherit them still in the boxes 🙂 Next visit we hopefully won’t need to do a spring clean!!

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