Meet Carol the Potter – NZ Artist

To have a break from writing about travel, I thought it would be a delightful interlude to include a focus on various artists, every now and again.  It’s not a big surprise that I would want to write about creative people, as aside from having a passion for learning and travel, another one, of course, is art, though not an artist myself, I love following other people who are creative.

Being a New Zealander years ago usually meant having an appreciation of sports than an appreciation of the arts. Even rarer was the ability to make a living from being a creative artist.  For most this was not possible which meant the creative juices were directed into a hobby.  Luckily, over recent years the tide has been turning, with many more Kiwis becoming passionate about the arts and culture and not just about sport.

Let me introduce you to one artist, Carol, whom I have a great admiration for, and I look forward to enjoying some of her creative work when we purchase another home back in New Zealand.


In her own words:

“I don’t remember being very creative when I was a child. Though I do have recollections of being a good draftsperson, which I received much praise at school for my drawing abilities.

2017-12-05 12.58.27_edited
Charcoal drawing created a few years ago when as a young mother she sought out “her sanity time”, by attending life drawing classes.

Which was a rarity, so I always looked forward to art, and this may have influenced me more than I realised. I later chose to study art at university. With a lack of a plan on graduating saw me put my time into other ventures.

 After years of dabbling in the arts, I am now enjoying spending more of my time on ceramics.


I love making practical work and the more abstract.  We didn’t have a ceramics department at art school so over the years I have taken various classes with local pottery clubs. I enjoy participating in the courses with other like-minded potters as it keeps me moving forward by trying out different techniques and methods. There is so much to learn and refine.

I often find ideas pop into my head at any time of the day or night.

So, I guess I am hooked on pottery now. Although I don’t always rush off to try out new ideas straight away, I try and scribble them down for later reference.  Presently I am working on refining my glazes. Which requires matching the glaze to the form,  this process is keeping me busy from making little tests up and then waiting for the results to appear on opening the kiln.

My studio is our double garage, and on a good day I can open the garage door, enjoy a sea breeze, an outlook of native reserve and with Kapiti Island in the distance”.

 Thanks, Carol, for sharing a small slice of your creative life and your ongoing journey in establishing yourself as a potter.  I am sure many more people will look forward to following your pottering life as I will do.

You can follow Carol on:




Other websites concerning NZ Art:


19 thoughts on “Meet Carol the Potter – NZ Artist”

  1. Love your work! I took up pottery a few years ago when I retired from graphic design and photo styling. I find it extremely satisfying, although sometimes frustrating, when pieces don’t come out as I planned. But it’s all good! I take every piece I create as an experiment in learning and discovering my aesthetic. Loving every minute of it!

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    1. Sorry, Josy I just recovered your comment from my spam folder, which I just located today thanks to April!! Carol is my cousin, and I am so pleased she is using her talents once again. I have a few other artists to highlight, some we have met with others we know through other people. A bit of break in between travel posts!

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  2. Meeting artists introduces you to a whole different world, as is meeting other professionals in any branch. You learn so much! We house sat for an accomplished potter before and were amazed at the processes, different kilns, talents, forms, glazes, methods, etc. that are involved. Just in pottery! We returned for a visit to the artist and helped with a shift during the 24+ hours her wood kiln had to run. All very interesting!

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