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Happy Birthday Mum

It is the time to hear voices in hopeful unison singing Happy birthday with a hip hip hooray, tagged happily at the end.


Yes, another birthday and another one we are not spending with you.  Which over the years there have not been many we have not celebrated together with a coffee and cake outing.  Today, you will have plenty of others in the form of family to cheer you along and eat cake as you celebrate a milestone in your life.

A lady never divulges her age, her daughter shall follow suit and do the same.

Your love and time spent, before courting Dad, were your horses, and by all accounts, you excelled.  Then came nursing, which was not easy for a shy country lass who was more comfortable surrounded by animals and the country air.

Show Jumping (1)_edited

The horses and nursing had to be put aside for a while when you became a young mother.

You have indeed been a patient and caring Mum over the years unless a specific child pushed their luck, then the tables were turned, not to their advantage I might add.  As a young Mum, you were not that comfortable in a kitchen, it was a thing that needed to be done, our hunger was always satisfied with homemade treats and dinners to take us through to another day.

Oh, remember those knitting and sewing events, I call them events as they were so memorable.  Trying to get that machine knitted jumper over our heads, our ears felt like they were being disconnected from our head, with a fling back into place for good measure.  It has to be said those knitted jumpers did keep us warm with a suggestion that maybe we could wear them to bed and bypass the ear distortion.  Then there was the matching top and trousers in a paisley pattern and the material made out of polyester, for my sister and I.  We had differing colours, so we weren’t classed as twins, I say this with tongue in cheek.

There are too many memorable events to cover here, where you have loved and supported us all, let’s just say you did rather well to survive bringing up five children under the age of seven.  We all still marvel how you managed to do this.  Now it is you, Dad and Rocky the cat, who now live peacefully in one abode, with the occasional visits from those five children of yours.

Us kids and Mum - outside Wellington Zoo (1 of 1)

Remember you are truly loved by all who know you.  We count our blessings that you are still here with us, to see your grandchildren grow up and all of your children age another year.

Have a wonderful day Mum.

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