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Our first Spanish Christmas

20171217_103408_editedN.B.  A local creative artist built this traditional Christmas decoration, it’s used instead of a tree.

This time of year can create such an extreme reaction in people, from glee to rolling of the eyes, I am somewhere in between.  Depending on what is happening on the day it can lean towards one or the other, rarely dead centre.

Do you think Christmas was much more fun as a child?.  Well, I do.  Not sure when that feeling changed.  


At this point, I need to state we have certainly enjoyed our time with loved ones over the years.  This time of the year, the reality of now and the treasured memories of our childhood seem to clash.  The festive season as an adult seems to be so overly commercialised full of people being stressed, spending way too much money not to mention the overindulgence of food and maybe a tipple or two of whatever takes your fancy.  Goodness me, I do sound like The Grinch!!

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a bit more” Dr Suess.


It is also a time of the year when I question for a second or two our decision to be fulltime nomads/housesitters.  Aren’t we supposed to be at home?  Surrounded by friends and family?  Isn’t that the way it should be?  This year will be another one where we will be spending it away from New Zealand.  We are still enjoying our nomadic lifestyle and won’t be changing it in a hurry, even though we do miss some familiar faces!

Which brings me to remember our first Christmas in Australia, as last year was our first overseas Christmas, in Brisbane, it was a special one as we spent it with the Squires brother and wife.


A small event, no family squabbles and no stress, just the way we like it.  For us, Christmas usually means creating happy memories with people who we care about whether this is family or friends.  This was the making of Christmas 2016 for us, catching up with family and friends living in Australia.  It was lovely to spend time chatting and sharing food in a covered outdoor setting.  We were somewhat lucky to have a temperature in the mid-20’s [cooler for this time of year]  on Christmas day, which made sitting outside a pleasant experience.  This year it will be a little less warm and in a different country enjoying our new lifestyle as housesitters.

Other takes on the Festive Season:

Santa Claus lived in Turkey

In some European cultures, Christmas starts to be celebrated on Christmas Eve, presents opened and the traditional viewing of a movie called,

 Dinner for one

What is so fascinating about this film is that it’s made in the UK, with many English people having no idea about it, or it’s popularity and the fact that viewing it, is a family tradition for some in many parts of Europe.

So where are we going to be for Christmas this year?


In Spain enjoying the company of our best friend, each other, by the beach,

looking after a dog called Fudge.  BLISS!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year 2018.



70 thoughts on “Our first Spanish Christmas”

  1. I have had several Christmases in other countries, having grown up moving around… Including Australia for the last 4 years 🙂 Never Spain though! This year we are in the US Northeast Wisconsin… first snowy Christmas in many years!

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  2. Looking forward to hearing about your Spanish Christmas. I spent a Christmas in Australia years ago (backpacking) and we had a BBQ it was so different from home but I loved it. Home is Canada so temperature alone was well……what can I say as I head out the door today at minus 4. Happy Holidays.

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  3. Although Christmas is meant to be celebrated at home with friends and family…in traditional way but sometimes new places give you a different perspective.
    I loved that paisley pattern on Christmas tree. First of its kind!

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  4. Happy new theme (looking totally superb!) and merry Christmas to you too. You know, I’m one of those people who. when my kids have grown up, might just pop on a plane and spend Christmas somewhere MUCH warmer 😉 have a great time whatever you get up to xx

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  5. I’d never heard of ‘dinner for one’ either so will check it out. I fell out of love with christmas many years ago as I find the commercialism of it so sad and the fact that people go into debt because they feel they have to buy so much. No presents, a day at the beach followed by mulled wine and a homecooked curry and a night in front of a woodburner is our kind of christmas!

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  6. We did Christmas in Spain once about 20 years ago. We were renting a house in the south with another couple, and wanted to have a turkey for Christmas dinner. We discovered that at least in this part of Spain turkeys are not the traditional meal. Eventually, we found a turkey but it was the meanest bird we ever saw. Our friend’s wife plucked all the feathers and turned it into a delicious Christmas meal. I don’t know what she did to it, but I have appreciated her efforts to this day.

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  7. Happy holidays to you and the Squire, Suz. I think the original feeling for Christmas changed when commercialism started ruling and the gift-giving became overwhelming. No problem for us. We are happy to miss the chaos of Christmas elsewhere, but it would be nice to celebrate this day of peace and good food with friends. A “traditional” Christmas has never been part of my life, so I won’t miss it and nobody will miss me. Being on the road for 14 years does that. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I can understand your feelings after 14 years on the road. At least you have your best friend in tow! I am with you about gladly missing the chaos of Christmas. Here in the hills not a carol been sung at all 🙂 I must admit we do enjoy seeing the amazing decorations the communities put on and learning how the Spanish celebrate this festive season. As long as there is food to be eaten and somewhere to walk Fudge, me and the Squire, we are happy 🙂

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  8. I came across Dinner for One when I was living in Berlin, but I never found it particularly funny. That’s possibly because I never found Freddie Frinton funny.

    I think Christmas isn’t the same as it was when we were children. In my case that’s 50 years ago and not only did people not have a lot of money to throw around, there also wasn’t as much to buy.

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  9. Christmas was soooo much more fun as s child, though I am slightly revisiting that feeling through my child now. Anyway, how lovely spending Christmas in Spain and I love that traditional decoration instead of the tree. So pretty & doesn’t shed needles!

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  10. I’ve never heard of Dinner for One, but it was quite funny. Not sure why it’s a Christmas movie for some. But my husband and I have a Christmas Eve tradition of watching The Bells of Saint Mary. Although it’s not a Christmas movie, it became a tradition for us to watch on Christmas Eve while working in our chocolate shop. Even though the shop is closed now, we still associate the movie with Christmas Eve and make sure we watch it.

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  11. I think Christmas is about doing whatever you feel is right for you. I’ve had a couple of southern hemisphere Christmases, and liked the fact that it all seemed a bit more flexible than the UK Christmas, which seems to be pretty much dictated by what everybody else is doing: the turkey, the sprouts, the pudding, the Queen’s speech, the family. I happen to enjoy all that, but we are the people who visit the rest of the family, and we’ve tried to keep Christmas as freeform as possible, so that our little nuclear family doesn’t get upset if changes do arise. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

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