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The Best of 2017 & 11 photographs

Okay, my lovelies, I have succumbed to being one of the masses, as in bloggers who have displayed their “Best Photographs for 2017”.

Here goes.

The angsting moments where I try to make a decision which ones I love and an explanation of why.  It was a hard decision as every photo is a favourite for one reason or more.

Now showing you all in no particular order.

  • Our first winter in France in the Northern Hemisphere, and, turning another year older.  Celebrating that with a walk in the park, with something very French and decadent for lunch.                        One birthday, a walk in the park


  • This photo was taken while wandering around Amsterdam, we loved this city for more than one reason.                Amsterdam


  • Walking the dogs, just the two of us with the other two out of sight.  In all conditions, it was good to be outside stretching our legs.  Of course, with Nellie and Louie appreciating it even more!    Indeed I was happy, I was going for the more posed smile look!  Did it work?            Dedicated followers


  • Spring in Switzerland, what a delight this experience was, even more, was meeting a wonderful, caring family and of course Fudge.     Short and Sweet



  • With time off in between housesits saw us venturing into a few new countries and fabulous museums.  One, in particular, is worth more than one visit.                                                                                Rijksmuseum

Mary Magadline

  • With a return to the United Kingdom and a few more challenges, some welcome and some not so.  One that I enjoyed conquering was my dislike of heights which is slowly waning I am pleased to say.   Devon, an area and friends that hold a special place in our hearts                           A cuppa and a natter in Devon


  • When it is shining up in the North of England she is a beauty and heading up to North Yorkshire is always a pleasure.             Road trip to North Yorkshire


  • We have been very fortunate to housesit in Turkey, meet a couple who gave us a friendly warm welcome and now we call them friends, not forgetting their lovable family members.  Plus a revisit planned for 2018.     Neighbourhood walks – Dalyan


IMG_20170906_223221_898_edited_edited optimised

  • Last but not least, is our visit to Toledo.  This was a city we could have spent much longer wandering around with more lingering on a seat to absorb all that is going on now and in the past.                            City of Three Cultures – Toledo


Here’s to even more clicking of those shutters for us all, in 2018.

The Best of 2017 & 11 Photographs

53 thoughts on “The Best of 2017 & 11 photographs”

  1. Gorgeous cross section of photos from your travels Suzanne. I particularly loved the one in Amsterdam, but I’m sure many of the others bring back the ambience of the Occassion in your memories. Some of them look to be in such peaceful surrounds.

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  2. A beautiful selection of photographs, Suz – I can imagine how difficult and time consuming the choosing process was – and fantastic memories to join them. You had a very varied and adventurous year, discovering so many new places and now, the desire to return. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a couple on the boil and a note on my list of revelations (or is that resolutions 😉) that I must post a little more frequently this year – thank you for adding to the gentle push!

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  3. I’m surprised you could make a choice when you’ve shared so many great photos over the last few months. It was lovely to be reminded of some of your travels and the places you’ve visited. You make me realise that I need to get out more.

    Happy 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

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