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Neighbourhood Walk – Marbella

No road trips. Actually, no car trips at all. Nothing but blue sky, sun, beach walks, rest and to catch our breath as we take a break from travelling. It was merely a sampling of a comfortable life this week on our return to Marbella being back caring for Fudge. As we walked along the… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walk – Marbella

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The Olive Tree

This ancient tree holds a particular segment of our hearts and a significant part of our earlier lives together. Within the span of a few years from early 2001, we had planted approx 500 trees and yes the rows were all spaced out correctly by the Squire [below photo] on a small lifestyle/orchard in the Bay of… Continue reading The Olive Tree

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A memory – Love is …

Funny, how memories can randomly spark an interest, and, "I wonder what happened to ...?". Today's little gem concerns a particular cartoon. It was cute. It inflamed my teenage romantic reality of love. I looked forward to reading it. In our local rag. Back in the heydays. The local rag is still going, and so IS the cartoon.… Continue reading A memory – Love is …

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Roadtrip: France to Spain

The end of January saw us off again, on a roadtrip. This time in reverse. With a few slight alterations, a quick glance at the map, it looks more of a straight line heading down rather than the previous journey which included more curves. Day One - Espalais to San Sebastion A cheerful "au revoir",… Continue reading Roadtrip: France to Spain

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Neighbourhood Walk – Moissac

It was only a few weeks ago we were in France ambling along a few canals. As you may like to do when the sun is shining in the countryside of France, with its many small towns with canal ways. As we wandered down past the boats, "an old geezer", as he liked to describe… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walk – Moissac

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Meet Kathy – A Talented Artist

I have had fun introducing you to Judith in Spain and Carol in New Zealand, my next Artist in the spotlight hails from across a ditch [from New Zealand]. To be more precise Victoria, Australia. It is my privilege that Kathy has allowed me to show you her art. Asking or answering questions is not… Continue reading Meet Kathy – A Talented Artist