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Meet Kathy – A Talented Artist

I have had fun introducing you to Judith in Spain and Carol in New Zealand, my next Artist in the spotlight hails from across a ditch [from New Zealand]. To be more precise Victoria, Australia.

It is my privilege that Kathy has allowed me to show you her art. Asking or answering questions is not always an easy task to do, primarily when related to ourselves or others. Not only has she answered the questions she has kindly attached photographs of her art which speak volumes of her creative ability.

They say a teacher can have a profound effect on children. This was very much the case for Kathy and the beginning of a lifetime passion for art.

Let me introduce you to a well-established artist, Kathy Medbury, in her own words:

How did you start to “develop” as an artist?

I like many artists have painted and drawn from an early age, with the addition of many years of drawing and painting.

Then, while in year 10 General Art class (aged 14) the Painting and drawing teacher Mr Watkins was invited in to look at the students’ art while they were working. After looking over my shoulder, he pulled me aside and asked about my other classes, through his determination to have me his class (he made all necessary changes to my classes to allow me to be involved in his class). Year 11 the secondary school won $500 for entering my first oil painting into the Royal Melbourne Show.

Hey check this out K Medbury_edited_edited

End of year eleven age sixteen I applied for three different art courses and got into all three, so I chose the one closest to home which was a two and half year Applied and Finished art course this was more of inclined towards graphic art.

At the interview stage, they wanted to put me straight into the second year until they found out my age, at that stage, I was only sixteen years old. Towards the end of the course, I was lucky enough to have someone from the Defence force government agency come to the college and specifically asked to have an informal interview with me. I was offered and accepted a position on completion of my course.

During my time with the government and then with an advertising agency I was called upon to produce all of the illustrations and watercolour landscape paintings.

Even during the busy period of my life as a mother, I was still working as an artist doing freelance work, which included illustrating children’s personalised books amongst other things. Though it is since resigning at the end of 2012 from an office job in a school to pursue my passion that I was able to concentrate once again on painting and start sculpting.

Since I have had the opportunity to do this, I have sold 96 paintings and 14 sculptures in Australian and internationally acquired in America, Germany and London.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever created?

That is a tough question as there are numerous things that I have created over the years that are my favourites, all for different reasons. But maybe my latest piece Alby’s got his eye on you.

Inspired by a “Boobok owl” called Alby that I met in Adelaide.
Alby 2nd K Medbury_edited_edited


What does “being creative” mean to you?

It is a huge part of me. If I am not creating, I feel like something is missing.

In your travels where in the world, which countries have inspired you to be more creative?

Besides my own backyard, as I tend to paint a lot of birds, I would say Paris, Rome, Venice, Scotland, Ireland, England, Switzerland and Florence.


 Kathy, you are creative in a few artistic mediums, which is one you prefer to work on the most and why?

I love using any and all mediums, though at the moment It would probably be acrylic as it is very flexible, you can make it look like just about any medium. Pastel, watercolour etc. it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, washes up in the water, I love the intense bright colours you can achieve.

Meeting time By K Medbury_edited_edited

Any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

I currently have paintings on display in:
The Great shop in Gisborne, Victoria, Australia.
Holgates Brew House in Woodend, Australia.
The Black Forrest Gallery in Woodend Victoria.
Dates: 9 – 12 March *Upcoming Exhibition*
Sunbury art show Sunbury, Victoria, from the 4th May to the 6th May, with another Exhibition in August [I think].
 When Kathy is not creating pieces of art, she can be found passing those skills onto the upcoming generations by teaching/tutoring children’s art classes two days a week.

A way of giving back has created a full circle of Kathy’s creative art world.

Ice Cream Party (6)_edited

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  1. Have scrolled through several times to choose a favourite. I’m going for the three perching birds. They are so colourful and I love the movement of the bird on the left. I think he is just arriving to see what the others are up to – they’re definitely looking at something and he doesn’t want to be left out!

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