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Neighbourhood Walk – Marbella

No road trips.

Actually, no car trips at all.

Nothing but blue sky, sun, beach walks, rest and to catch our breath as we take a break from travelling.

It was merely a sampling of a comfortable life this week on our return to Marbella being back caring for Fudge.

Fudge on the beach optimised

As we walked along the beach, the waves lapped onto the golden sands, I smiled to myself and thought “It is so good to be back, by the seaside, with Fudge”.

Well, technically we aren’t based right beside the “The Mediterranean Sea”, it is approx 1.5 km from the sea and 42 metres above it. So not too far away not to give me the feeling of being close by.

The sea had not only cleansed the red dust from my shoes it had momentarily wiped my brain of overcrowded thoughts as I ambled along the beach with Fudge. I was trying to make an effort to focus on the rhythmic noise of the ocean. Not anyone or anything along the way.

Who am I trying to kid?

Obviously myself.

As to how could I not notice things or people. I am by nature an inquisitive soul. I love observing most moving or non-moving “things” or people; it is what I do. It gives me fodder to use and to tap out a few words towards a blog post or two.

The main thought was to go for a long walk, clear my head, breathe some fresh sea air with the possible reward of knocking off some lumpy cellulite. Fudge, on the other hand, is more concerned that I am pulling him away from his primary focus of walking, and that is to sniff.

Fudge on the beach, dog watching_2_edited

We glance at each other and decide that some compromising needs to be done.

Of course, it is I that concedes, as I look into those “soulful eyes”, that undoubtedly pull at my heartstrings. Yes, Fudge has my number, does Fudge the dog. He has dialled those digits numerous times.

Things that caught my attention on our return this time is the subtle changes in and around the neighbourhood. Christmas decorations have gone from the houses in their place are more pots full of flowers. The disappearance of Christmas surely can’t be mourned as there are numerous festivities here in Spain to replace another one gone. Trees and shrubs trimmed or in some cases, branches hanging over have been cut off. More people were walking along the beach. It’s warmer, which is a good thing after our snowy time up in Northern Spain.

I do believe that there could be a whisper of spring in the air.

Neighbourhood Walk - Marbella


27 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Walk – Marbella”

  1. It is so nice to be back in a familiar area, especially one you enjoyed. Which is, probably, why you are back. And, for Fudge, of course. Take pleasure in the nice weather and the waterfront! We are missing both already, after leaving San Diego. It is our turn to be cold and indoors again!

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    1. It is not deserted for long, if I had taken the photo from behind me you would have seen quite a few people! I tend to avoid taking photos of strangers and concentrate on the subject or scene. The beach is getting crowded day by day while we were there. Yes, Fudge did more by accident than intent 🙂 We both did!! Just our feet thankfully, as the water was a bit cold.

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          1. Whoops, sorry didn’t realise I’d mentioned it before. Good to know what you’re doing throughout the year though without having to keep looking for new housesits. Takes the pressure off completely.

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            1. Yes, it does as we are doing or have done a few resits. Though sometimes it would be lovely to be more spontaneous with housesits, as we have had to say no to quite a few other people who we would’ve liked to have said yes to! How’s it going for you two?


  2. Oh Fudge you beauty … you have been giving lessons to The Bean via the starlight barking, I think. The sniffing has crescendo’d recently and I rather think it is since Suzanne first came to visit 😉. That beach is beautiful and being so close must be heavenly – I so enjoyed this little ramble, as I ever do your jottings. I’m hopeful that Spring really is round the corner though we are still pretty nippy over here.

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