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Neighbourhood Walks – Sounds Abound

It occurred to me as we wander around various places, that not only is the foliage, the smells, and the architecture different for us, what is striking is the amount of variation of sounds that abound as we move around.

One particular sunny Spring day, I took more notice.

Firstly, it’s the incessant noise of frustrated dogs as we pass, or are they merely protecting their home from people like us.  Not that we are a threat of course!  Then another different noise makes an appearance of sorts.



Did you hear that?

That noise my dears are frogs.  Not the sort that goes “croak”, which is a word that is customarily associated with frogs and written in children’s books.  This sound is somewhat different.  Check it out on here on Instagram.  This was my second attempt to record those frogs as a cow decided to take the limelight with an almighty bellow.


A close neighbour of the frogs, no not the cow, it’s the numerous turtles.  As we pass by, the sound of more than one “plop”, can be heard.  Surprisingly to us is how we have become quite blase about seeing so many of these species whom we never encounter as we wander around the countryside of New Zealand.  “Oh, there goes another turtle”, we say, after hearing the first lot of dive bombing turtle sounds.  Very elusive creatures those turtles!!  Though I did capture one a while back.


With another turn of a corner we need to stop as a tractor passes us slowly by, someone is missing on this said tractor.  It’s the farmer’s wife.  She usually holds the prominent backseat position or on occasion straddling a partial part of the front throne!

Untitled design (3)_edited_edited

As the drone of the tractor engine lessens the tweeting of birds become my focus.  These are somewhat small in statue not anything like their more significant partners in the sky the black and white magpies.  A childhood memory of those damned birds come to mind and another one of me being attacked by a grumpy one in Australia as I was trying to take a photo.  Obviously wrong time, wrong place, on my part.

I digress.

Then further down the road, standing precariously on jagged lumps of rock are goats, who have around their neck, bells.  This clanging noise echoes around the valley.  It is a sound that we usually don’t hear, and one that I quite enjoy listening too.  Unfortunately, the goats on the mountains are hard to photograph so I captured the below ones at the beginning of our walk.


I love how it brings a smile on my face with thoughts of farming communities and how it was in the good old days.  The countryside comes alive more as we hear another sound that one being a swishing sort of noise, with more steps from us we come across a woman and a sickle cutting down metre long grass, supposedly for her forever bellowing cows whose sounds can be heard from afar.

The above experiences are what we love about Turkey, a reminder of a simpler life in a country where time seems to stand still.

Neighbourhood Walks - Sounds Abound_edited


45 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Walks – Sounds Abound”

  1. Now this I fully get. So many people forget how to listen. Earphones stuck in, chattering loudly in a national park, wandering about in bubble worlds. Nature has noises 24/7. There’s nothing better than being out and just listening. Granted often there are vehicles or aircraft present, but moving into countryside or woodlands and forest they become more distant. I used to angle a lot and first found the sound of silence wasn’t actually silent. Babbling streams, the odd splash of a topping carp or trout. Reeds shuffling, songbirds, the sound of rain on leaves.

    I take that listening with me everywhere now. Super post Suzanne and truly a nostalgic trip in time for me thinking back!

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    1. Apologies Gary for the late reply your most welcome comment was in the spam folder with about five other comments!! Annoying as you and the rest write comments on a regular basis. Anyway, pleased you enjoyed the post. Now that we are in the Uk we are so looking forward to more pleasurable walks. Even had one this morning in the fog 🙂

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  2. Oh this is a lovely post. So often we don’t just stop & listen to what’s going on around us. This post was so relaxing to read. You really set the scene so beautifully. Talking about beautiful, those photos are just stunning. I really want to be strolling in Turkey now.

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  3. There’s something restful about the sounds in nature, the life going on around you. We’ve had a bumper frog year with our wet summer so hopefully tadpoling will be possible again.:-)

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  4. I really enjoyed my morning walk with you through the countryside Suzanne, even if only vicariously. That photo of the cow, and the background rock – gorgeous. You really did take us along with you. Very peaceful.

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  5. Delightful. Don’t you just love to escape the rat race. I have found since blogging my eyes are much more wide open and I experience so much more. I am always looking for places and experiences to share. It is fab.

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  6. What a beautiful post, Suzanne! Gosh, those frog sounds make me miss open water around here. In the summer we have bullfrogs and spring peepers that turn out usually quiet neighborhood into a noisy playground – one that the kids and I love to explore.

    Your walk looked fantastic, your photos were beautiful, and I wish I could have been there walking with you! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

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    1. Thanks, Nilla. When we were kids, catching tadpoles was easy as they seemed abundant in the streams throughout the gorge which was an area between Whakatane and Ohope Beach NZ. So, I am thinking that frogs are not plentiful in many countries. Except for maybe, Turkey and perhaps France 🙂 Turtles are wonderful and they do intrigue me. I didn’t want to disturb their area by going into the creek for a closer look.

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      1. I remember doing that also as a child and so much fun. Not sure whether kids do that sort of thing these days.
        As for turtles, I remember sailing in far north QLD once and spotting something on the mirror-like horizon. The sea was like a millpond on this day. Sailing closer, we realised it was 2 massive turtles having an amorous moment! We kept our distance so not to disturb their time, but the gentle wake from our slow boat, rippled towards them and broke them up. I later read that they only mate once in a blue moon and not sure whether this is correct. 😦

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    1. Hi Jennifer, the plopping sound is heard as we wander down the road by the water ways, the turtles are like moving solar panels when the sun is out they can be seen alongside the bank, until they hear us then dive into the water for protection.


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