Postcards from Devon

Something New, Something Old, and, a little of something in between. As we head from North to South, we are taking another different route back down the line. This time it will include a sharp right turn into a part of the United Kingdom we have yet to explore in depth. That happens to be… Continue reading Postcards from Devon

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Roadtrip – Surrey to Nth Yorkshire Pt 2

After our second night staying at the Tankersley Manor, which by the way is a very convenient place to explore The Peak District, without the high price of staying inside that area. It was time to leave South Yorkshire and head further North. From south to north, has been a regular trip over the years… Continue reading Roadtrip – Surrey to Nth Yorkshire Pt 2

Want to be a housesitter?

Writing A Perfect Housesitter Profile.

I can't emphasise enough on the need to create an honest and appealing profile. Make it real.   Make it yours.   Make it stand out. As this will be one of the most critical steps in which to start your house sitting journey. This post will give you a few ideas to think about and a… Continue reading Writing A Perfect Housesitter Profile.

Life of adventure, Road Trips, Travelling between housesits

Roadtrip – Surrey to Nth Yorkshire Pt 1

Another sunny day in Surrey.  It was also the day we had finished another housesit our 31st through Trusted Housesitters. Best of all we had a few days free.   To roam as we please. It was time to hit the road, to our first destination: Dorchester-On-Thames Heading out the gate we turned right in the direction… Continue reading Roadtrip – Surrey to Nth Yorkshire Pt 1

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The Windlesham Arboretum walk

What a surprise we had when extending our morning walk a few weeks back in Windlesham.  Which required us to head over the motorway via a bridge, instead of doing the "circuit".  It still needed us to go through the public pathways and through a paddock.  At first, it looked like any other public footpath… Continue reading The Windlesham Arboretum walk

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The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are now done and dusted for this year. Though I never got a placing, I am very grateful to have been nominated. Thank you, everyone, who voted for Globalhousesitterx2 Secondly, I am the only Kiwi [New Zealander] to have been nominated two years running. With Third placing for best newcomer… Continue reading A BIG Thank YOU

The Motorhoming Years

Minimalism – Living in a 24 m2 Space.

The second instalment of our time motorhoming in New Zealand. In my first post on our motorhoming years, I  mentioned that our motorhome was called PurrInn.  This was the name given to her by the first and only other owner. Why PurrInn? The previous owners had two cats, who went tiki touring into the bush… Continue reading Minimalism – Living in a 24 m2 Space.