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5 Wonders of a UK Spring

The fog is lifting,

 flowers are blooming,

 birds are twittering,

the sun is shining,

 windows are opening,

with people wondering. 

Has Springtime finally arrived?

Bluebell walk 4_edited

I do believe spring is here, though there was a burst of summer that arrived late April, what a surprise that was, especially for us who were not prepared with summer clothes!  Not to worry it only lasted a couple of days.  Which brings me to share some notable signs of spring.

Here we go:


The beauty of a field or clumps of flowers while wandering around the countryside of the UK is a feast for sore eyes and one we have enjoyed on many occasions.

Though do watch out for impostors.


I did not realise that there are indeed two types of bluebells here in the UK.  One is the indigenous English one with its drooping flowers along one side of the stem, they are sweetly scented and have white pollen.  The other variety is from Spain, who would have guessed that!!  Those ones have flowers all around the stem, don’t have a fragrance and have blue pollen.

Fact:  More than half of the world’s bluebells are grown in the UK.  Enjoy them in April to early May.  Though with the weather so changeable this is only a guide.


Nothing says spring like the sight of daffodils.


What could be more cheerful than the breathtaking sight of seeing daffodils alongside the road or country lane, swaying too and fro?  They even now come in various other colours, the favourite of mine is still the beautiful bright yellow.

Fact:  There are, like the Bluebells, native and hybrid varieties of Daffodils.  Best viewed in early spring, before the heatwave arrives!


A place to enjoy spring more would have to be the wide open spaces of the countryside. Paths made of green grass and luckily for us, not mud. On our last wandering through a paddock, only the older were to be seen, not a lamb in sight.


Fact:  There are over 280,00 hectares of land managed by the National Trust to wander around.  There is no shortage of countryside walks in the UK to enjoy.


Though this is not something that we do on a regular basis, it is one that we do appreciate during an early morning walk or as the sun goes down on a pleasant Spring day.

The chorus of birds twittering early in the morning must undoubtedly be the best natural morning alarm invented.  Then there are the birds of prey flying majestically and effortlessly over the freshly ploughed field.

Fact:  March to May is the time to hear the fantastic “Dawn Chorus” from these birds; blackbirds, robins, wrens, chaffinches, pheasants, warblers, thrushes and finches.


Last though not least of is the abundance of Primroses all over the countryside.  Some would say they are more like prolific weeds, maybe they are, lovely and dainty weeds I must say.


You see without an assortment of flowers which are abundant all over the countryside, the bees would have nowhere to gather pollen to pollinate those beautiful blossoms for us to enjoy upcoming fruits in summer.

Fact:  Shakespeare introduced the phrase “the primrose path” or “the primrose way” to signify a lazy and pleasant route through life. 

The National Trust – Our best spring gardens

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67 thoughts on “5 Wonders of a UK Spring”

  1. Spring is such a wonderful season, especially when it finally warms up and the winds (here anyway) diminish. Your photos of the flowers are magnificent, Suz. Thanks for throwing some U.K. summer my way. Here in Santa Fe, the birds have been building nests and sing happily, the cacti are flowering, and the days are getting warmer.

    Those grassy fields with sheep must remind you of your home country. 🙂

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  2. Neither the bluebells or the daffodils have been very good this year. The bluebells in my garden have only just started to open and the daffodils lasted only a few days. It probably didn’t help that they were covered with snow twice.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yep, covered in snow would have dampened their spirits, just a bit!! I have come across quite a few bluebells in the last month. The daffodils not so much. Too cold then too warm for the old daffodils! We are off to a couple of large gardens soon. Will be interesting to see what is flowering!

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  3. I wish I could step into a portal and be transported to the UK right now! How beautiful are the flowers, the countryside, and those sheep? The tulips, daffodils, and scilla are just starting to make an appearance here in Minnesota, U.S.A. Everything is very late (almost a month) due to our cold spring with late snowstorms. Thanks so much for sharing the natural spring beauty of the U.K., Suzanne!

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  4. Ah. You had me a ‘Bluebells’ (see the fabulous opening sequence of Howard’s End for a wonderful example). But then you mentioned ‘Birdwatching’! Which, um, is one of the most exciting things I get up to these days. You know, instead of clubbing.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nice that you are enjoying the spring weather – here in the parts of Europe we are, it has yet to settle in. Freezing last month in France, and not a lot warmer again in Spain. Roll on summer (or will I regret saying that?)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Would you believe it was 25 deg on our return back to home base and we feel rather tired after doing a long walk. Though thankfully it was shady for a part of it. Love that the UK has so many lovely walks under the umbrella of trees. I think you will regret saying that 🙂

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  6. Your pictures are beautiful. On the other hand, there’s the Canadian spring. Here it is early May. Yesterday massive winds with rain coming at us horizontally tearing at the magnolia flowers that had just emerged earlier in the day. Daffodils were bent to the ground. Dead leaves whipped into a vortex. Will winter ever end?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Fran, nature must take most of the credit 🙂 It was rather hot as we went walking along the Thames today though I have a feeling that this glorious weather is short lived. Anyway, I am sure warmer weather is heading your way. Hopefully sooner than later!


  7. Very nice – the primerose looks gorgeous! I don’t think we have that here – I’ll have to research. Happy Spring to you – the rain returned for us today but at least the temperatures are warm. It’s derby day here in KY and normally we would be putting our salad gardens in – but we are a few weeks late getting to the yard work this year because of the lonnnnnnng winter.

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