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Housesitting in North Yorkshire

It has once again been a pleasure to have housesat in North Yorkshire.

A beautiful scenic part of the United Kingdom. Not forgetting to mention the friendly locals.

When the sun is shining, she is indeed a beauty.

Abe and Lou were no longer two, they were now three. Ageing another year had made them calmer and definitely still lots of fun. The sun umbrella was out most days, with the creation of another outside office for us. With many hours relaxing and absorbing the warmth. It is indeed a home that encourages its visitors to relax and take a deep breath.

That is precisely what we did.

With a few hours out and about, the camera did not make much of an appearance. For now, I just wanted to be in the moment. There did not seem an urgency to fumble away in my bag to retrieve my camera to capture that small square of scenery. I wanted to see the whole picture without acknowledging that overwhelming desire to take a photo. Believe me, it is still a strong urge, and I always think “that” will make an excellent shot. Not that there was any concern for a lack of photographs as I have hundreds stored on my computer of this area. A recent development that overrides the photography mind is the reoccurring thoughts of what I can write in my next blog post than about snapping more of those unique ‘shots’ while out walking.

More importantly, while housesitting is capturing those priceless moments with Abe and Lou.


Over the last few weeks, we have been organising get-togethers with others for the time we are North Yorkshire and other various times throughout the year. More on those in another post. With that comes more organising of travel arrangements. Not of course forgetting applying for housesits for 2019, which is starting to pick up momentum. At this stage, we have three already booked, which is excellent as it gives us dates to plan a few roadtrips around those housesits.

One of the North Yorkshire get-togethers included having the opportunity to catch up with three fabulous bloggers while we were up north.  What we lack in selfies we excel in stringing words together to either make people think, laugh or both!. We may have to work on those selfies!

Check out the blogs from three of the Fab Four – Em [second from right], Hayley [far right] and Sam [on the left]. By the way, this was a more subdued image than the rest!!


What has also been fun is having the opportunity to be a dirt hugger which literally means getting my hands dirty in the garden. Something I don’t get to do very often. With the sunny and warm days, we saw a spurt of growth in the garden here. We have even had plants delivered by mail that needed to be potted up. With these activities, we have really got into the spirit of Spring

Not sure about everyone else, we are feeling that time seems to be flying by so fast.

Of course, there was always time to capture another of those priceless moments from the loveable Abe and Lou.


Housesitting in North Yorkshire

via Abe and Lou

49 thoughts on “Housesitting in North Yorkshire”

  1. We’ve just returned from a 32 night tour of the Outer Hebrides (hence the blog!) Home is in North Yorkshire and although we love having adventures in our motorhome, it is always lovely to come back to our little corner of God’s own country, even if our neighbours, a field full of sheep kept us awake the first night back, baa-ing loudly into the small hours!

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  2. Abe and Lou just look adorable! I’d love to cuddle, play and walk them right now. It sounds like you had a very welcome and relaxing house sit. I hear you about that camera. It is always asking to come along and be put to good use, but sometimes, you just want to stroll and explore, without having that urge (or responsibility) to capture every moment and experience.

    How nice you managed to catch up with some other bloggers. And, good for you for booking sits and making plans way ahead already. Most people like to have schedules and plan around dates. As for Mark and I, for some reason, we can never do that. Even if we would, some unexpected issue would arise, and we’d have to change everything. Believe me, that IS what happens when we make plans. Luckily, we are pros at “winging it” and taking most things as they come. 🙂

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    1. We feel more comfortable booking ahead or if a housesit comes up in a country we want to stay in we apply. Obviously you two are brilliant at winging it, Liesbet, as you are still doing it with a smile on your face. Though I’m sure you would prefer less issues! Yes, it was fun meeting up with other bloggers.

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  3. We love Yorkshire….my inlaws used to live in Yorkshire National Park. Beautiful area! Those collies are absolutely beautiful too – what a bonus to your house sitting (guess you have to be a doggie person – me and girl want them!!!) So lovely to pic of you and the other lovely bloggy ladies!

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      1. Bit late replying this week Suzanne – my in laws moved from the Yorkshire side of the M6 to the Lakes, Cumbria and we have experienced our share of hideous weather. It can be extremely bleak! Their second property was the old water mill on Lake Coniston – very remote, 6 houses, no shops, not even a pub – and on one visit we couldn’t get to them as the roads were so badly flooded! Now they are in a grade 2 listed property in Hereford…..

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  4. Lovely place is Yorkshire. Some fantastic scenery…but shhh, don’t mention I’m Lancastrian and exiled from my entire Yorkshire family in consequence! The UK often undersells itself in social conscience as a holiday destination here. I know weather can be hit and miss, but there are some superb places. White and Dark Peaks, Wales, Scotland, Dales…the list grows as I think about it.

    Awesome that you combined this with a blog meet up too. That’s a bonus in itself. I wonder how many destinations around the world have that potential too. Maybe one to look into as an added travel bonus.

    As for time flying…. June already. I’m not liking this perceived speed up! It feels like I’m being robbed of hours each day in some hithertoo unknown governental time tax!

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    1. Meet ups are always an added bonus. The weather has been brilliant and we have been very fortunate to have had 4 days of fine weather to explore a small part of Wales!! There is a slice of paradise in every place we go, not visited one that is totally perfect and that’s including NZ 🙂

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      1. You’ve either bern very fortunate weather wise, or brought some with you from previous places! I’ve never considered totally perfect through… to me nature is awesome when people respect it. One reason I used to angle was to revel on a backside observing it all. From tiny rivers, to huge lakes. Each have their own charm 😊

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  5. I love your post, Yorkshire and meeting up with like minded friends. The dogs and photo’s were a bonus. Keep doing my blogging friend. P.s. let me know if you come to East Anglia I would love to share a tea and a chat

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  6. Oooh that is sooo cool that you all got to meet up! I would have LOVED to join you ladies!!

    I also really love that dog photo with the flowers. 🙂

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  7. I feel like I’m there with you Suzanne and can’t wait to share your guest post on my blog. Housesitting is really rewarding in so many ways. Great for you to catch up with blogging friends. I also admire you re not taking photos immediately but rather enjoying the moment. I am so guilty of just clicking away when I travel rather than absorbing the moment. Enjoy your stay! xx

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