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The Older Bloggers Survey

As I collect my thoughts on what we have been doing in the last month.  Let me share a link to a survey for “Older Bloggers” that I participated in during May/June this year.

The results are now being published, section by section.

In the first section, one of the questions was to state your age, the results intrigued me in that many bloggers considered themselves an older blogger”, before the age of 50.  At the other end of the age scale, was one participating blogger in the survey who started when she was in her 80’s, very inspiring don’t you think?

Want to connect with more inspiring older bloggers?

Then head on over and find out more on Rachael’s blog Write Into Life



First, how many people completed our Older Bloggers Survey in May-June 2018? Altogether 123 people responded. Some skipped a few questions, but most questions were answered by 110–120 people. Moreover, most questions evoked numerous comments, which illuminate the results. Who were these older bloggers? We imposed no age restriction, so people made their own decisions about […]

via Who answered our Older Bloggers Survey? — Write into life

18 thoughts on “The Older Bloggers Survey”

  1. This passed me by too but the results are fascinating …. I am undoubtedly an older blogger but I simply don’t think of myself as older. I wonder idly if that is why though I saw this, I didn’t do it. Or just that I’m in denial!!

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  2. We are as old as we feel. 🙂 And, it’s funny how our perspective changes. When I set out traveling full-time, I was in my twenties and called myself young. Now, I’m in my forties, still traveling, but compared to the early years, I can’t call myself young anymore. Then again, people who are older than me call me “young” and I call people younger than me “young”.

    As far as blogging goes, I’m probably “middle age”.

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    1. I still don’t call myself “old” as a significant birthday looms in less than 6 months 🙂 Some days my body reminds me more than my brain that I am indeed ageing! Though I am an older blogger compared to most. For what it is worth, I travelled mostly by myself on the long haul travel when I was younger. I now much prefer travel as an older person, most probably because it now involves slow travel and no hangovers 🙂

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