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Cruising the Friesland Canals Pt 3

Looking back with fond memories I am starting part three with the delightful Dokkum.   What we enjoyed most about this city was its terrific architecture and pretty canals with a few interesting shops to explore and purchase a small item or two to remember the area. Before entering many of the cities and Dokkum… Continue reading Cruising the Friesland Canals Pt 3

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A Travellers concept of HOME

In a few hours, we will be winging ourselves back to New Zealand. This year there is a twist to our return back "home".   Last month we had a few long days and even longer sleepless nights, dealing with people in a different time zone from us.  A time of reflection and making decisions at… Continue reading A Travellers concept of HOME

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Cruising the Friesland Canals Pt 2

Each and every city we have visited has had its unique wow factor, the next city to be shared would turn out to be no exception. Franeker This is one of the places I thought was rather picturesque and had a unique attraction in the form of the oldest working planetarium, which was developed in… Continue reading Cruising the Friesland Canals Pt 2

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Are you a Photographer?

A break from the Friesland canals to a chat about photography. It has made me think and feel somewhat stunned when asked in person. That very question. I know I used to stumble around this and fumble out a half-hearted answer of how I just love capturing moments and scenes from a small part of… Continue reading Are you a Photographer?

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Cruising the Friesland Canals – Pt 1

It was 7.00ish on a Tuesday morning in mid-September. The sun was partially hiding behind clouds, casting small irresistible colours across the sky and water. A few ducks were making their presence known. Away in the distance, the wind was doing the same. Then an hour or so later under grey skies came a roar… Continue reading Cruising the Friesland Canals – Pt 1

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The Markets of France

If like us, you enjoy having as many authentic experiences as possible when travelling.  Enjoy the love of cooking, eating and more importantly searching out fresh local ingredients. Then searching for a local market which is not hard to find in France will be on your list of things to do. In many countries, the… Continue reading The Markets of France