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What’s the Hot Topic in New Zealand this week?

The weather of course! Every one of you thought it was the folk from the United Kingdom that talked more about the changeable weather.  Didn't you?  I beg to differ. Us down here in New Zealand we usually experience a few hot days, then back down to a shall we say "a more inviting temperature". … Continue reading What’s the Hot Topic in New Zealand this week?

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A Slice of Paradise – The Catlins, NZ

Rugged, dramatic, and pristine. You will be blown away in more ways than one When exploring this mostly under-explored part of New Zealand. You do need to go and visit the Catlins. We did and automatically fell in love with it. Nugget Point Our trip down was enjoyed via the comfort of a home on… Continue reading A Slice of Paradise – The Catlins, NZ

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Thoughts on Turning 60

Some life events leave us speechless for a little while. For me, one of those was turning 60. The number itself is absolutely daunting, and no more wriggle room to claim the high road of middle age.  For me, 60 is not the new 40 as I have no desire to go backward. As a… Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 60

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A Walk around Mt Maunganui [Mauao]

The day started with grand ambitions to scale a Mountain, she's a reasonable size towering an impressive 231 metres skywards. These were changed when darkening skies were forming right behind us as we headed towards the start of our walk. Thoughts of a less wet ending to this story might occur if I went around… Continue reading A Walk around Mt Maunganui [Mauao]

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A Pen, Paper and my Imagination

Today, there is a bit of action happening on my blog. Firstly, Globalhousesitterx2 became Life at No.22. Regards to the new title it seems more fitting description at this stage of our lives. As we are no longer travelling fulltime and are now spending more time in New Zealand. Though we are still holding onto… Continue reading A Pen, Paper and my Imagination