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“What happened to …?”

Who am I referring too?

People, to be more specific, creative women.

A while back.

Actually, quite a time ago, I started a series of interviewing creative woman I have had the pleasure of connecting with via my blogging community, in person or found through someone else I know.

Those interviews were written on my previous blog – Globalhousesitterx2.  Since that blog title [not the content] has been put to sleep, so to speak. For reasons, most of you know about.  No?  Then, check out the reason why on this post – Hello, 2019 – We CANcer vive!

As sure as the sun pops up each morning, change is inevitable in all our lives.

We, as in the Squire and I, have always embraced change.

This change is one too many.  Anyway, I digress.  So, let’s get back to updating you all on;

What happened to my lovely interviewees.


Meet Kathy – A Talented Artist

Kathy is still producing some incredible images of Australian Wildlife and nature.  I love her work and hopefully will get to visit the area and galleries where her work is displayed.

Ice Cream Party (6)_editedline of dots

Meet Nilla – Photographer and Intrepid Traveller

Nilla is developing her personal website to showcase her photography work, and many of you know her as a blogger.  I enjoy our connections via the blogging world.  Who knows with life’s twists and turns we may meet in real life via our travels.

Nilla (4)_edited

line of dots

Meet Clare – An Artist and a Blogger

Clare has been missing in action in the blogging community for a while.  Why?  The reason mainly she is [or now has]finishing/ed off her masters.  If anyone has embarked on, one will know she has been extremely up to her neck with work deadlines.  I am happy to write that she is still being creative and has published her first book.

Meet Clare An Artist and Blogger

line of dots

Meet Erin – An Artist and Blogger

Erin has been wowing her blogging and her broader community with very incredible artwork, and by the looks of it, she now has a waiting list from eager art admirers.  She took the first big step not that long ago, and it is really great to see all her effort is rewarded by people who love her work.  Myself included.

Meet Erin

line of dots

Meet Fiona – A Contemporary Jewellery Artist

Fiona is another artist who has come into her own.  Now with her degree completed, all her energy is on her journey as a Contemporary Jewellery Artist.  What I love about her work is that she recycles objects, and her artwork is fantastic and very unique.  She has her own workshop and shows her work via various locations.  Brilliant concepts and a lovely creative woman who has a bright future!

Meet Fiona

line of dots

Meet Holly – A Mixed Media Artist

Holly is another young woman who is going ahead in leaps and bounds.  Not an easy task when still holding down a day job.  I have one of Holly’s artwork, and I enjoy viewing it in our home here in New Zealand.  Previously, it was in storage for a while!  As with most artists, Holly is pulled into spending time creating and trying to put herself out there via social media.  Not a natural blend for most creative people.  Though most know it needs to be done.  I am enjoying following her artistic journey, and I am sure she has many following her.

Meet Holly

line of dots

I have enjoyed writing this and being aware of how far these creative women have come since I last interviewed them.  Thank you for sharing this part of your life’s journey with us all.

Wishing you all the best in your creative endeavours.

Kia Kaha.

Suzanne X


38 thoughts on ““What happened to …?””

  1. Suzanne, thank you so very much for featuring me in this lovely article. So nice to be among other creative women. I know a couple of the artists you featured – I love their work. I look forward to checking the other artists out.

    Also, I love the new layout of your blog – your photography is absolutely beautiful! Do you sell any prints? If not, you should. You could do a new feature of your own creative art – er, your other creative art (besides writing). Maybe I could feature you on my blog – if you’d like to showcase your photography, I’d love to have you. ❤

    Thanks again for the feature here, Suzanne! I'm so honored. I hope you and your husband are well. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this series, Suzanne, so great to have a follow up to some wonderful artists. My own little artist continues to create as she is doing Art A level and is talking about going to study Art in Germany after school!! Hope the Squire is doing OK at the moment – thinking of you both. Hope you don’t mind but I have shared this on my PainPalsBlog regular feature “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!”, Claire x

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Send me a message and I will reply with some questions. Not sure when I will do it. Though will give you a buzz when I finish it. Just got back from my tramp and shattered 🙂 Feet up until it is time to think about dinner!!

          Liked by 1 person

  3. I have only just seen the we CANcer vive post. Dammit. I am really sorry to hear the news about the squire. I hope you’ll be able to kick that cancer to the curb and get onto your fuckit list! I’m sending you both virtual hugs anyway.

    I loved all these interviews the first time around, so it is great to hear about them all again. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Josy, unfortunately there is no getting rid of the cancer as it is a rare bone marrow cancer. We are taking one day at a time and enjoying our time together. Thanks for the hugs, and right back at you 🙂 The interviews were fun to do!


    1. Thanks very much Orla, and we are doing well, with what’s going on. We still have our sense of humour though it is turning to a black sense of humour 🙂 All good! Funny, that you should mention thinking of us. As I think of you and many of the original group of bloggers often. I think it is great that we are still in contact. Its a great wee community!!


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