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Off for an Aussie Walkabout

Gidday Mates,

After much debate with myself, I decided to take a break from blogging while we are tripping about in Northern Queensland. There are a few reasons why I thought it wouldn’t be a great idea. Firstly, the WIFI will be either the fastest ever or non-existent. Secondly, I am on driving duty and time will be an issue. Which will equate to a high degree of frustration on my part when trying to publish posts using a mobile.

So to save both myself and the Squire from undue stress, I will look forward to catching up with my blogging, plus yourselves and your posts in September.

In the meantime, I will post photographs on Instagram and hopefully, a few witty details to accompany said pictures of what’s going on during our trip. If by chance you don’t participate in that social media arena, a copy will be placed on my blogging Facebook page.

Hooroo and take care,

Suzanne XO

In the meantime there is;
Life At No.22 Facebook page

Featured photograph – Kerikeri river track

32 thoughts on “Off for an Aussie Walkabout”

  1. Keeping up with blogging while on the road is a chore and can go along with frustrating times. Good for you to skip it for now and post some pics on Instagram and Facebook. Much easier and less time-consuming/frustrating. You won’t lose an entire post. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the RV adventure in Oz! And, see you on September.

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  2. I am usually in Brisbane in August, but the family are all coming over here for a month at Xmas, so won’t be this year. It would have been lovely to catch up with you both, although it sounds as if you’ll be much further north. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe. Looking forward to seeing the photos! X

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    1. Thanks very much Jane and yes it would’ve been fun to catch up with you. We will be much further up the coast. Good to hear everyone is visiting you both. Perhaps another time we can catch up. We hope to head to Brisbane at some stage this year XO


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