Visual Storyteller Series

#9 – Easter Demolished

Easter Bunny demolished (1)Easter Bunny demolished (3)Easter Bunny demolished (5)Easter Bunny demolished (2)

Some folk execute it with words, that come alive the moment you turn that first page of their book.

While others share it via sound effects to make you gasp in delight as you wait for their next slice of dialogue.

More than a few express it by capturing a moment in time with the click of a shutter.

They are a visual storyteller.


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36 thoughts on “#9 – Easter Demolished”

    1. I have to literally stop all thoughts of cute bunnies bouncing in a daisy patch when eating chocolate that looks like a bunny. Give me a chunk of chocolate. Good advise regarding the ears, easier to get to the rest? What’s not to love about Llndt’s chocolate, got to be dark variety.


    1. Just another day Sam. Pleased we didn’t over indulge though there was a bit of chocolate demolished. The Easter Bunny missed us this year, photos are from a previous year.


    1. The collection of photography experiments are hilarious. For example I used to spend hours taking sand on the beach. To some extent I still spend time wiling away time talking photos.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is by all accounts from friends and family. Though they’re old photos and the Easter Bunny forgot to drop us some. Forgetful bunny, though I’m grateful not to be tempted this year.


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