#18 The LIGHT never goes out

Jude’s #2020PhotoChallenge during May is all about being creative with light.

I love how light changes with every hour, just a little and enough to make a difference to a photograph. For me, it is a source of never-ending inspiration. The best part about light is that it literally never goes out in the world.

It’s about our sunrise and someone else’s sunset.

It’s about never feeling totally alone.


New Zealand



A couple on Papamoa beach_edited

Judes Photography Challenge.

Themes / Techniques:

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The Month of May is about being creative with LIGHT

16 thoughts on “#18 The LIGHT never goes out”

    1. Basically light is life, I am feeling very profound this morning. Just got back from being out for my walk so must be faster flow of oxygen to my brain ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Your images are always great but that sunset pic is stunning. I love how you can sit by the beach and the light can change by the second – if you’re noticing it…

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    1. Thanks Jude. I love the morning light and I have so many. Mainly due to getting up early to train. A more dramatic shadow in my the next contribution.


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