The Southern Hemisphere – First Light and the Last

Sunday Stills topic this week is: Sunrises and Sunsets

Opening my eyes, rolling up the blinds, turning on the coffee machine are all habits that signify the start of a new and hopefully bright, colourful palette. From dawn we have a fresh slate in which to write. The previous day has been wiped clean and set aside for when nostalgia is ripe.

When that slate has nearly reached it’s capacity with a yawn, the sun slowly descends, and we all wait in the hope that like the morning our Earth will be lit up with another colourful display.


Most of my sunrise captures are due to getting out and about to exercise before it gets too warm. I call this the best exercise motivation ever invented.


The West coast, a roadtrip the Squire and I did many moons ago. The West Coast has wild beaches and plenty of moisture in the air to create some stunning sky colour.

What is Sunday Stills all about?

In Terri’s words:

Sunday Stills is a photography challenge with a weekly theme (similar to the now-defunct WPC). Each Sunday I post the weekly theme with images of my own interpretation. Any blogger is welcome to participate and interpret the challenge with their photos, poems, stories, music, etc!


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26 thoughts on “The Southern Hemisphere – First Light and the Last”

  1. Award-worthy images, Suzanne! Rising early is both a challenge and a reward. We’ll be trying to practice that on our camping trip this week. Some places we’re going will definitely be sizzling by midday.

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  2. Truly amazing images, Suzanne! I love your words to describe the beginning and ending of each day, too. You are so right about the motivation for exercise and getting up early to beat the heat! So glad you joined Sunday Stills this week!

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    1. You’re right Janis sunsets are special. I never not get excited when I see one especially when I’m in the right location. Doesn’t always happen that way. For each good photo there are hundreds of not so great ones.


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