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Life in Colour – My heart went Bloom

My heart sings a happy tune, well I like to think it does, when I take the time to stop and admire nature doing it’s thing. You have to admit seeing a well-loved garden full of flowering plants and other structures that bring out the area’s beauty is a real treat. Some blooming beauties are found not only in structured gardens but between buildings or a field. All worth a second glance.

This post is focused on yellow as it is the final days of Jude’s photo challenge featuring, you guessed it, yellow. As our gardens are nearing their best with our hot summer at an end, I have had a dig into my archives for photographs that haven’t seen the daylight for a while or hopefully not featured on my blog.

Let’s take a wander down a few paths and those that aren’t necessarily full of flowers.

Yellow flowers high on a tree branch.
Luscious large lemons –
Look at those bee-autiful yellow flowers and not the bees bum
Having experienced our first Northern Hemisphere winter in France we were chuffed to see these when arriving up in Yorkshire, UK.
Well, not quite a stroll down a garden path, though when I first set my eyes on it, I laughed, and there’s yellow — quintessentially English humour.
No yellow flowers to be seen how about a yellow gate?

For me, it’s time to shut the gate on the challenging yellow. I wonder what colour Jude has in store for us around mid March?

Joining in with Jude’s photography challenge on all things yellow.

Footnote: I had the timing for the next challenge incorrect, Jude’s March Photography challenge is up and running to see what it’s all about head on over to Life in Colour

26 thoughts on “Life in Colour – My heart went Bloom”

  1. Such sunny yellows to cheer a dull morning here in London ☀ I love the bee’s bum (sorry, I had to look!) and the ‘I’m not actually happy’ wall art in particular – oddly, the latter made me smile even if the artist wasn’t 🙂

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    1. Here’s hoping for a sunnier London in the coming weeks. London is still amazing to explore even under cloud. I have a feeling that the artist did it with tongue in cheek 🙂

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    1. As I’ve said before when dealing with life’s bumps in the road, happiness is easier to describe as moments than an overall feeling. Not sure many of us could honestly say in the way the world is at the moment that we are happy? Anyway, I thought it such a contradictory wall art that it made me laugh.


  2. That’s a great selection of photos. I never got around to sorting any yellows out as there seemed to be so many other things to do (during Covid lockdown everything took longer, days got shorter and hours definitely were cut by nearly 25% so much less got done).

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    1. Funny isn’t it how things take longer during lockdown. Maybe trying to keep informed of what’s going on takes so much energy? You will be hopefully enjoying longer spring days outside.


  3. Lovely group of yellows and I love the bee’s bum 💛 and those yellow flowers in the first photo. Beautiful shots. You need to turn your eyes to green now 💚 I wonder what you will choose.

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    1. Thanks Jude and have you changed already? I thought it was mid March. Now, green just happens to be one of my favourite colours. So, I am sure to find quite a few photographs 🙂


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