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Bright Squares – Rainbow Delight

How on earth am I going to show off the fullness of a rainbow via a square?

Easy peasy, dividing one into two and creating perfect bright squares side by side with a vision of one.

The local beach looks stunning on that perfect stormy evening.

I am a tad late with my contribution to Becky’s photo challenge – Bright Squares. This post has been sitting patiently in my draft folder, waiting for me to get my act together!

Luckily, it’s not too late to appreciate everyone’s bright and cheerful photographs over on Becky’s blog – The Life of B

Do I see a touch of purple in those rainbows? I might be pushing my luck. To feast your eyes on more wonderful photography – check out Jude’s photo challenge – Life in Colour; during May, it is all to do with purple.

23 thoughts on “Bright Squares – Rainbow Delight”

  1. The first two definitely have a hint of purple in the sky and we all know that rainbows have indigo in them so perfectly fine Suzanne. Rainbows make me happy, so thank you!

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