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Weekend Walk – The Strand Reserve – Tauranga

On any given day, the echoes of children running and calling out to each other as they race around the playground are fun to see as we walk alongside. What makes this area stand out even further is the outdoor art providing shade over the playground in the form of a Pohutukawa tree made from stainless steel by artist Kereama Taepa. The sculptures intention was to protect via shadow and nurture children’s imagination through their world of play.

Not far from the playground features tidal steps; these were opened the year previous to our full-time return to Tauranga at the end of 2018. A karakia and story about Tauranga have been built into the stairs, and you will be able to see different parts of this depending on the tide level. The beautiful Karakia o Mauao etched into the tidal steps, which approved for this use by local Tangata Whenua, tells how the mountain arrived at its present home at the water’s edge and how the features of the land and harbour were formed on its journey. The poem etched alongside the Karakia, written by artist Elliot Collins in English, tells a different story of the feeling and experiences you have on the waterfront now.

Many children and adults during summer can be seen enjoying the pier from the bombing platform.

The Hairy Maclary sculpture, created by Brigitte Wuest, is of Hairy Maclary and eight of his friends โ€“ Scarface Claw, Slinky Malinki, Hercules Morse, Muffin McLay, Bottomley Potts, Schnitzel von Krumm, Bitzer Maloney and Zachary Quack. 

Hairy Maclary sculptures

There are not many authors who have their beloved book characters set in bronze. A local author, Dame Lynley Dodd, was that fortunate one. Her characters are well known to anyone who enjoys rhyming language. The books are such fun to read and even more so if done alongside a visit to this sculpture. It is a fantastic addition to the family activities on Tauranga’s waterfront.

With these assets it has created a play area for a wide range of ages.

Scarface Claw
If you’re up bright and early, you too can get to play with Scarface Claw and Slinky Minky.

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Walk – The Strand Reserve – Tauranga”

  1. Love that sculpture! Good old Hairy Maclary from Donaldonโ€™s Dairy. With a name like that he ought to be Scottish, but I am fascinated to learn that Lynley Dodd is one of your locals. I also like My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes which she illustrated, indeed I have a tatty copy on my shelves which I rescued from a library discard box. Our cats always liked to hide in boxes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Hairy Maclary does sound like he has Scottish heritage ๐Ÿ™‚ Cats do love boxes and I have known ones that would sit in suitcases with an expression “How could you even contemplate leaving me to go on holiday?” sort of look!


  2. How wonderful! I’d love to be a child here (or the parent of a child) I loved reading those books. My ex M-i-L used to call one of my boys Slinky Malinki, unfortunately she called the other one Fatty Boom Boom! With affection I hasten to add, but not very flattering.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a nickname, fatty boom boom which I must admit made me giggle! We had a few as kids and just as bad. I too loved reading those books when working with preschoolers. They were popular books.


    1. Walking around town isn’t what we call hiking. Though I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of tramping (hiking) around the local Kaimais (mountain ranges). Yes, both walking and photography are enjoyable pursuits.


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