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Tramping Days

Tangled roots,
Tangled boots,
Twisted ankle,
Torment, wrankle.
Tramping stalled,
Chopper not called,
Help at hand,
Love this land!

Suz’s foot-fall flawed
Now falling,
Tumbling softly,
Fellows calling,
“Are you hurt?”
And “No” replied,
Slightly dented,
Pack and pride.

A wee poem in remembrance of tramping exploits.

Raincoats off
And on, for hours,
Dappled lighting,
Kauri towers,
Nikau, Tawa,
Rata flowers.

24 thoughts on “Tramping Days”

  1. I have no idea why this only popped up in my feed today! I’m glad it did – I enjoyed your clever poem, although it brought back memories of my own many falls and that moment where you’re tumbling and time stands still while you wonder if you will be seriously hurt (and in my case, whether your camera will survive the fall!) Glad you were OK after this tumble 🙂

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    1. Thanks for commenting Sarah. I have not being so active with my blogging as much as I would like. It is going to become much more sparse as time goes on though hopefully will still keep in contact with the blogging world.


  2. This one slipped past me, Suzanne! Ha, ha! Not always funny- I hate those tree roots that twist your ankle, but I’m glad you’re not hurt and I love the poem. In sunshine, and showers 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thanks Janis, it’s the not knowing how badly a fall is going to be, then thankfully for me it hasn’t been so bad. The worst fall I had was walking fast around a suburban street and landed up fracturing my elbow which is still not right after many years. The moral of that story is watch your step 🙂

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      1. Just a minor point, it’s Mari, not Maris. If apostrophes were allowed in WP names it would read Mari’s Travels. I’m enjoying all your posts but I don’t comment every one because to do so takes so much time.

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        1. Mari, I do apologise and not sure why I tagged that s onto your name. I don’t expect a comment from each reader though when they do it’s much appreciated. Time is a valuable commodity so I understand.

          I enjoy popping over to your blog for an interesting read.


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